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    Yesterday, 06:08 PM
    Yeah. A LOT of bits of this and that cautiously mixed in tiny or large increments (if mixed at high noon or at midnight on a new moon) often work quite well. In fact it seems harder and harder for experts with new special lube formulas to get much...
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    Yesterday, 01:46 PM
    Well, no one has made me an expert on the old days but we know rifles were expensive and so was lead and powder; few people would have had a locked gun safe full of special purpose rifles. It makes sense that most men would want something that...
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    05-27-2020, 08:45 PM
    Aw now, we aren't supposed to point out the damage our loving politician overlord's plans actually do, we're supposed to grade them kindly by the totality of how they have to rule us with iron fists for our own good because they do love us...
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    05-27-2020, 11:06 AM
    I doubt anyone can tell you that within a thou or so. If you have the barrel, slug it and measure the slug; then you'll know exactly what your barrel is.
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-26-2020, 09:10 PM
    I did, 20 years ago. You can too. The new circlip spring groove needed to be narrow so I used a hacksaw instead of a conventional lathe cutter. Cut where the set screw goes and stick the turned in end in the screw hole, works fine.
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    05-26-2020, 04:23 PM
    1hole replied to a thread Why lever guns in Leverguns
    Hunting rifles for men means a lever gun in a Marlin 336/.35 Rem or Winchester 94/.30-30 Win. with peep and square post irons or a compact 1.5-4x scope for aiming. Any hunter thinking he needs greater range or magnification should get closer.
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    05-26-2020, 04:00 PM
    1hole replied to a thread Marlin in 35 Rem in Leverguns
    In my callow youth I read the magazine hunting articles by Elmer Keith, Francis Sell and Jack O'Conner. I was born in the deep woods and swamps of the Florida panhandle. O'Conner and his guided hunts were interesting but Sell and Keith were my kind...
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    05-26-2020, 11:45 AM
    Ditto. I've never understood why file trim dies died. I'm not parting with the few I have. I don't know what length variation it takes to be "all over the place"; is that a +/- range of 10 thou or 1/4"? I wouldn't like cases that are too...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-26-2020, 11:44 AM
    Ditto. I've never understood why file trim dies died. I'm not parting with the few I have. I don't know what length variation it takes to be "all over the place"; is that a +/- range of 10 thou or 1/4"? I wouldn't like cases that are too...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-26-2020, 11:23 AM
    I think it's either because the bashers want to be seen as one of the "smart reloaders" OR they've used Lee tools and screwed up but choose to blame the tools instead of the operator. :) Choose and buy the right tool for the job and use it...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-26-2020, 11:00 AM
    I used a lot of other die brands long before I got my first set of Lee's, now Lee is usually my first choice for common loading of common cartridges. Lee's dies aren't as "purty" (nor as costly!) as other dies but ammo is made inside the dies and...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-25-2020, 07:36 PM
    Lee's hand press is aimed at the narrow range of portable reloading needs and is excellent for that market, it is not meant to be the tool of choice for normal reloading.
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-25-2020, 04:46 PM
    1hole replied to a thread New Press in Reloading Equipment
    The original simple toggle link press's rams were angled back to allow better observation of the cases. That tilted-back angle usually kept the lever from falling so easily. But, when RCBS started their economical simple toggle link press lines...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-23-2020, 07:50 PM
    At one point in my case reforming and reloading life I made quite a few chamber casts, primarily to learn the neck, shoulder and head diameters of my chambers. Then I noticed that my cast dimensions were all about a thou greater in diameter than...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-23-2020, 04:32 PM
    Given the collective government wisdom of NY, City and State, I would not be surprised if the common pee-on public was required to stay home except for brief trips for food, liquor or an abortion and then only if well sealed in industrial grade,...
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    05-23-2020, 12:15 PM
    1hole replied to a thread Why Better as cast in Cast Boolits
    By the time any bullet fully enters the bore it's precisely sized to fit that bore. ----------------------------------------------- Southern Pride: Ah, Kings Bay and Camden County, GA ... and memories. I lived in Kingsland from 1953-1956. ...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-22-2020, 11:24 AM
    RCBS or Lee ram prime tool; both have been around a long time because both. Pick a box color you like ... I'd much rather have one of Lee's newer bench top mounted primer tools than anyone's ram primer.
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-22-2020, 11:16 AM
    Just a couple of thoughts about case cleaning: Contrary to a lot of people's beliefs, dark, discolored tarnish on brass is not "dirty". Polishing it off is purely cosmetic and does nothing helpful to a reload. On the other hand, green...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-22-2020, 10:49 AM
    Well, a powder thru die is a good funnel; the M die is not a funnel. Lyman's M dies (and their clones) are the best expander-bellers on the market, they're great for both jacketed and cast bullets.
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-22-2020, 10:36 AM
    Welll ... commercial ammo is made for the "once and done" market because the vast majority of it is used exactly that way. If ammo cases were made to the precise tolerances of Swiss watches not many of us could afford them. Does such small...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-22-2020, 10:01 AM
    1hole replied to a thread RCBS Rebel press in Reloading Equipment
    I believe Lee's Classic Cast is as well made as it's possible to get for the retail reloader market, period. IF my old RC II crumbled today there would be no contest, I'd have a Classic Cast bolted on my bench tomorrow. Lee's CC has everything...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-21-2020, 09:11 PM
    I started reloading decades before any kind of tumblers were available. I freely admit I can get as attracted to gimmicks as anyone so I got a Lyman 1200 shortly after they arrived, then I went through the standard fastination with glittery cases...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-21-2020, 07:30 PM
    Well, an overstuffed cardboard box is much more likely to burst open in handling and dump it's contents. You probably wouldn't like that either. ???
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-21-2020, 06:10 PM
    Castor oil is stinky and quite slick but, like lanolin and STP, it's nasty stuff to use. There are much cleaner alternatives that really don't need to be removed. Both castor and lanolin ARE oils so water can't do much good for cleaning. If you...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-21-2020, 05:35 PM
    For best rifle accuracy I do my sizing with a body/shoulder die and then size the necks with Lee's "Collet Neck Die"; that combo gives me the straightest possible necks with the least possible fuss. The "problem" is the cost of buying several...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-21-2020, 03:58 PM
    Sure, you can. But you shouldn't. Jamming dry brass into a polished steel hole is certain to produce brass galling onto the steel. Microscopic bits of brass will be as firmly attached as if it were welded and the bits grow over time and the...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-20-2020, 12:04 PM
    A good PIF; you have a very good mixed brand die set. Straight wall case lubing for steel sizers isn't much of a chore. Loading .357 Mag. with a ".38 Special" die set is easy. There's no real reason to adjust the steel sizer at all and the...
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  • 1hole's Avatar
    05-17-2020, 05:46 PM
    If you seriously want to understand, okay: The logic is that God's rewards and punishments are balanced in judgement; going to his heaven is eternal, therefore going to his hell is also eternal. Earthly good deeds (done in Jesus' name) will...
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