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    01-22-2021, 06:59 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Stag handled knife in Our Town
    LIKE ! At one time that carving knife probably was part of a matching set and had had a Large Serving Fork . They usually came in a matching set and if really fancy the set had a matching antler handle sharpening steel with the set . I've...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-22-2021, 06:50 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Enhanced by Google in Our Town
    Yes , it's on the right side of my screen too . Looks like it covers the old "Advanced Search" window . All this has left me not knowing my left from my right . Technology frightens me ... I will just not go there . Gary
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-22-2021, 12:51 PM
    I used to do it because that's what was supposed to be the right way to store them... but I discovered they don't really stop rust in the hot humid Louisiana climate ... it does cover any rust so you can't see it untill it's a bigger problem . I...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-22-2021, 12:41 PM
    gwpercle started a thread Enhanced by Google in Our Town
    I haven't been on site for a few days and now there is a small banner , on right side of the screen , with the notice ... " Enhanced by Google " is the "Man" ...( new leadership) ... listening to what I say ... what does it all mean ... are...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-22-2021, 12:26 PM
    Do you wish to make a "liquid" lube to apply by tumble coating ...or a "solid" lube to be applied with a lube/sizer machine like the Lyman 450 or 4500 ? Two totally different recipes , end products and application processes . What are you...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-15-2021, 05:08 PM
    What ever design the Mec-Gar 1911 - 45 acp magazines ( 7 round) uses they will feed wadcutter boolits . I cast the Lyman 452460 200 grain SWC and shot it in competition for decades and they have always performed perfectly . Gary
    26 replies | 615 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-15-2021, 04:48 PM
    I would enter it in the Grungy Mould Contest ... you might have the Blue Ribbon Winner with that one . Gary
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-15-2021, 04:42 PM
    Here is my way ... Everything is hot and moulds are pre- heated . Filling a mould includes leaving a generous sprue . Fill mould #1 , set it down to cool. While #1 cools , fill mould #2 , set it down to cool . Pick up mould #1 , open...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-15-2021, 03:35 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Vegan Lube in Boolit Lube !
    That answer is way too easy and practical . Vegan's like to go the difficult route . I wonder if this is a fishing expedition . You don't eat boolit lube and a vegan isn't going to be hunting game for consumption ... what's up Doc ? Crisco ,...
    39 replies | 999 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-15-2021, 01:59 PM
    Simply don't go to any section you don't like . I don't go to several sections . I'm weary of politics and no longer give a rodents behind about the whole mess ...so I stay out . The humor section I haven't been to in a while because I don't have...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-14-2021, 07:38 PM
    A nickel plated S&W model 27 357 magnum with a 2 1/2 " barrel . I kept it for a week and shot it at the range ... nothing was wrong with it...shot fine . 1969 and the man wanted $100.00 for it ... I was single , working and I Didn't Buy It !...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-14-2021, 06:28 PM
    I have both the silver and black Tasco ProPoint-2 , tube type , red dot sights and was disappointed in the silver... looks like a cheap paint job ... the black one looks much better even when installed on a stainless steel gun . I thought the...
    18 replies | 531 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-14-2021, 03:08 PM
    For tube magazine lever action rifle ... I would find a bullet that allows a nice roll crimp into a decent crimp groove . The pressure from the compressed magazine spring coupled with the recoil generated will conspire to shove those boolits into...
    15 replies | 261 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-14-2021, 02:44 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Jalapeņo in Cookin' Recipe's
    If you don't care for HOT jalapeno's just grow some of the other "not so hot" varieties . I've planted and grown TAM , No-Heat and Coolapeno Jalapeno's and they have the flavor but much reduced heat . It's true ...some of us don't like it hot ! ...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-14-2021, 02:33 PM
    LIKE ! Cooking with frozen onions is almost like using fresh , they aren't quite as crisp when thawed but for most cooking that's no problem and having them already chopped is a big help . Anytime you have a bag of onions going South ... just chop...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 10:42 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Rusty Lee Pot in Casting Equipment
    Alwys put a stop to rust ... it will eat up the metal . Consider Rust a metal cancer ... put an end to it whenever you can . You need to find the source of the moisture or bring the pots inside . Rust is not your friend ! I live in Louisiana we...
    10 replies | 386 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 10:35 PM
    The Lee 358-105-SWC and the Lee 356-120-TC both sized to .357 and conventionally lubed have been the winners in four 9mm pistols . Be sure and flare/expand the case mouth (NOE M-die shaped expander works best ) and start the boolits in straight ....
    26 replies | 723 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 09:41 PM
    Don't over think the lube selection . You have some store bought lubes , go to makers site / catalog and read what the maker says . Usually they give an indication of what to use it for . White Label Lubes has descriptions and you can E-mail...
    22 replies | 1163 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 09:22 PM
    Yeah ... that's my method . Sizing and lubing nearly 50 years and I never thought about counting them . Gary
    16 replies | 697 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 09:16 PM
    If you see a bag labeled " Vidalia " onions buy them ... sweet great taste . Don't buy any soft onion . I think Vidalia are best followed by Texas Sweet 1015 and then Texas Super Sweet 1015-Y . I will admit the sugars in these varieties may give...
    14 replies | 403 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 08:59 PM
    I wouldn't be so worried but the Big Tech Companies are shutting down our politicians and even or elected sitting Presidents account . I used to receive E-mails from the White House and my Congressman and Senator ... I no longer get any E-mails...
    23 replies | 1096 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 08:35 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread .243 losing popularity? in Our Town
    The 6.5 Creedmore is simply " The New Kid In Town" in a few years another "new kid" will come along . I well remember when the 243 came to town ... new kid who could do it all ... wood chucks to deer, flat trajectory and no recoil ... you had to...
    91 replies | 2499 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-12-2021, 07:47 PM
    If you can't drill out a lead shot ...something is wrong ...lead is soft and drills easily . Is there more to this story ...like I used steel ball bearings to block the holes ?
    17 replies | 474 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-11-2021, 08:14 PM
    If you don't want to wait forever for a stock finish to dry or you live in hot humid Louisiana where drying anything is a problem .... take a look at Minwax Tung Oil Finish ... It's not just plain tung oil ...it's a tung oils based finish that has...
    31 replies | 7821 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-11-2021, 08:02 PM
    Tumble lube or dip lube them if the wax isn't adequate . Check the sticky's in the lube section . Gary
    8 replies | 364 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-11-2021, 07:51 PM
    Instead of trying to find some "conversion" look at "old" reloading manuals . I bought several cans of AL-5 , "back in the day" (it's still good) and use the data from Speer Reloading Manuals #8 (1970) and Speer Reloading Manual #9 (1974)... the...
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  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-11-2021, 07:33 PM
    I bought a pound of Accurate #5 and liked it so much I went back and got a pound of Accurate #2 for target loads . #5 was a tad slower than Unique so good for heavier loads ... #5 scoops and flows through a measure easily . I'm hoping #2 will be...
    20 replies | 765 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-11-2021, 05:57 PM
    Don't try and cut lead up if you can . Get a gas jet burner (the kind used for boiling big pots of crawfish or for deep frying turkeys) and get a large cast iron or steel pot . One can be made from half a propane tank . Put the big pot on the...
    36 replies | 1177 view(s)
  • gwpercle's Avatar
    01-11-2021, 05:30 PM
    gwpercle replied to a thread Long barreled pistol in Our Town
    An old saying comes to mind .... " Too much of a good thing . " Just because you can put an 18 " 10/22 barrel on a Ruger MKI ... that doesn't make it a good idea , just something to look at and wonder ... In heavens name ...WHY ??? Gary
    26 replies | 848 view(s)
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