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  • EDG's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 AM
    If you don't have a set of pin gauges a small hole gauge will work.
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    Yesterday, 03:20 AM
    I use an expander the same size of the bullets. The only neck tension I get is from spring back of the case mouth. I shoot only at a range so I can load about .050 too long. Then the bullet is fully seated by thumb pressure as the breech is closed....
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    09-23-2018, 09:52 AM
    I have a hard to find set of dies for the 6.5X53R Dutch Mannlicher. I have offered sample cases, offered to form cases for free and described how to use 3 different other die sets to load their ammo. Not a one of the guys made any effort to try...
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    09-23-2018, 08:12 AM
    It matters little what it is called in any handbook. The only thing that matters is what the manufacturers produced in the rifles. For new production only the SAAMI standard drawings are the US authority. The current SAAMI drawing is not a...
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    09-23-2018, 06:20 AM
    Check the comments at Long Island Indicator Service. In the late 1960s we used to ship 5 or so indicators there for repair and they always did a great job. Now I think they refuse to repair most calipers. I have been a heavy user of calipers since...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-23-2018, 06:03 AM
    That has nothing to do with quick load. You are talking about case conversions. There are several books on the subject and the data already exists in Cartridges of the World. I can remember seeing both dimensional and volumetric data in 1960s...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-20-2018, 06:22 PM
    I have been watching for any decent deal on a .410 loader for several years. I have found many 12s and 20 ga deals but nothing in .410.
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-20-2018, 01:11 PM
    All you need is 1. Table of case volumes which can be found on the net. 2. An Excel spread sheet set up to calculate case volumes.
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-20-2018, 02:32 AM
    To accurately gauge a primer pocket the plug gauge must be a double D configuration. The flats are required to detect an oval or chicken egg shaped primer pocket. The egg shape can be on size in one axis and gauge ok with a round gauge. The...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-19-2018, 07:03 PM
    To drill on center the work piece should be chucked on center in the spindle. The drill should be in the tailstock. Then the drill will seek to find the center of the spinning work piece.
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-18-2018, 03:03 AM
    I am sad to hear this. He was one of our more accomplished case forming experts.
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-13-2018, 01:36 AM
    You really don't have much of an argument. To load ammo that fast you have to spend a lot of time and money on your loading process development plus all the tooling. Talking about labor of love that is loading shot shells and pistol ammo since...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-10-2018, 09:44 PM
    No need for all that monkey business. When I got my Rockchucker in 1969 it was my second press. I knew it would spit primers just like my first press so I quit depriming on my presses. I simply use a hand punch. It adds maybe 5 or 6 seconds per...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-09-2018, 12:50 AM
    Older Lee dies made before the Lee rifle factory crimp dies were produced have a crimp ring in the seater. Newer dies made in the last 20 years or so do not have the crimp ring in the rifle seater. I have about a dozen LEE die sets with NO crimp...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-08-2018, 10:20 PM
    DocAV is a moderator of the reloading forum at gunboards. He is in OZ. His business is reloading blanks for movie production. The last I knew he was tooling up to make both GEW88 clips and the similar clip for the 1895 Dutch Mannlichers. Yes his...
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    09-08-2018, 12:54 AM
    All you need is a press with less mechanical advantage over the first half of the travel. This results in the ram moving further and faster for less movement of the handle. The RCBS Jr works well for loading pistol ammo. Contrary to the volume...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-08-2018, 12:39 AM
    EDG replied to a thread 87 new Marines! in Our Town
    My dad and his twin brother were born July 4, 1925. They lied their way into the USMC. My dad enlisted for the duration of the national emergency on Feb 19, 1942. He go an all expenses paid tour of the southern and central Pacific. After combat on...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-06-2018, 08:47 PM
    Get your next knee scheduled ASAP. You will find none of the orthopedic surgeons work during the holidays. They all like to take off and go skiing so they can burn some of that money on food and lift tickets.
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-04-2018, 04:16 AM
    Your vertical stop location will vary some from case to case unless you double cycle the ram. Not all cases are expanded the same so they will not resize exactly the same unless you double or even triple cycle the ram slowly.
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-03-2018, 09:21 PM
    You still wind up guessing when there are intermittent problems like carbon tracks in a distributor cap. The electronics can say you have a miss but it never can tell you where or why....
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-03-2018, 09:17 PM
    I have always checked the front tires with a steel tape. I set the tie rods so the steering wheel points straight ahead and the front of the rims are closer than the rear of the rims by 1/8". It is amazingly easy to get it right.
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-03-2018, 01:47 AM
    You can look up the standard for the Argentine Mauser and all other standardized Mausers at the CIP Homologation site. You will only find (1) 7.65 X53 Mauser. The problems you run into are...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-02-2018, 02:17 PM
    I bought a black set new in 1969. Within a few years I got a yellow set. I guess I missed out on the red set. Are they cc's or cubic inches?
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-01-2018, 12:46 PM
    Even new brass in a sealed bag has the potential for being from multiple lots. If you weigh the brass and graph it you should get a normal distribution with one hump. If you get a bimodal distribution with 2 humps you have 2 different lots of...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-01-2018, 12:20 PM
    Real chili has real chunks of chili meat in it. Putting it on a hot dog is just a way to adulterate the chili. Beans are nothing but cheaper filler... Bondo for chili that is not needed.
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  • EDG's Avatar
    09-01-2018, 07:12 AM
    If that model still has a distributor it might be time for a new cap and rotor. When you have warm humid rainy days carbon tracks in the cap will provide a leak path for a spark miss. Cheap rotors can have a microscopic pin hole burned through them...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    08-31-2018, 11:42 AM
    I have sorted brass for many different calibers. It is an educational process that permits you to learn a bit about the uniformity of your brass. To make the best use of the data you need to sort and graph the brass by weight. This will allow you to...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    08-31-2018, 11:29 AM
    I really like the Micro-Trac scopes especially the fixed 2.5X and 3X models. They have good adjustments and very long eye relief for hard recoiling rifles. The immediately previous model had a steel turret and a very heavy steel tube. I call those...
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  • EDG's Avatar
    08-30-2018, 09:50 AM
    Popular and highly desirable components should bring about 75% of the cost of the item new from an online or discount house. Less desirable items might bring 50%. For about 30 years I bought hundreds of boxes of jacketed rifle bullets for an avg...
    8 replies | 405 view(s)
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