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    02-16-2020, 12:21 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Haul post in Lead and Lead Alloys
    I have a cut off propane tank I use with my propane cooker. I might get another and cut both ends off. Weld a flat piece of steel on one end to have a flat bottom. Then build a spout and rod to make it a bottom pour. Maybe even use a electric stove...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-16-2020, 12:03 PM
    I buy some from Ebay if the seller has a lot of good feedback. On here as well as form scrounging, watching the local Want Ad papers. I don't have any luck on Craig's List, Never can get ahold of the sellers. Find a lot laying on the road and...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-16-2020, 11:15 AM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Lyman 55 in Reloading Equipment
    I have some acetone, I mix it 50/50 with ATF, Brand or price don't matter much, to make the best penetrating fluid ever. I'll see how that works. Thanks. Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-16-2020, 11:02 AM
    I set mine by setting all the slides to zero. I then open all three most of the way. I then use my scale to get a charge. I pour this charge in the hopper and turn the slides up so the powder gets into the opening. Move the measure around to get all...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 10:33 PM
    The place I get my propane tanks filled had old tanks setting around. I asked about getting one to cut up. They said sure and even pulled the valve for me. Didn't even charge me for it. Once home I flushed it with the water hose a couple times then...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 09:48 PM
    Instead of using 50 caliber cans you could use 30 caliber cans. Not sure how muchyou can get in the 30 cal; can but would take up less space than a half full 50 cal can. Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 08:58 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Lyman 55 in Reloading Equipment
    I tried the Goo Gone. It brought up the too worst ones up to a bit darker than the clearest one. Look much better. I still want to use the new clear tubing I have. I bought two pieces of clear tubing. I think they are acrylic. I think I paid $10...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 05:56 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Lyman 55 in Reloading Equipment
    I'll have to try that One of mine is so dark you can't see through even with light shining through from behind and another about half that bad. The other is tinted but still ok. Thanks for the tip. I keep the Goo Gone around for a lot of things,...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 05:50 PM
    I was just on the Lee website checking on something I read about on another thread and spotted something. They had a listing for Heavy Duty Guided Decappers. I thought What are those. So I looked them up. Some complain about breaking or bending...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 05:29 PM
    On most auto pistols the cases headspace on the mouth. If you expander flares the cases mouth most use a taper crimp to remove the flare of the mouth down to a certain diameter. Usually just enough so the case is back to a straight wall. This...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-13-2020, 08:48 PM
    I spent some time sorting my lead today. Did the clink-thud test. About 70% clinked. On the solder not all was 50/50. out of the 23 bars some were 9 marked WARRANTED 50/50 with a few also marked GRADE A REPUBLIC on them. 7 had just ALPHA on...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-12-2020, 08:34 PM
    I saw an ad in a local want ad paper. 125 lbs. for $80. When I got down there a lot was in ingots. Some shiny others dull gray. I think the dull ones are pure lead, the shiny WW's. He had some loose WW's in some coffee jugs. I got about 142 lbs...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-12-2020, 08:07 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Rcbs rc ii ?? in Reloading Equipment
    I think the early versions had the green cast links. Then the bean counter's decided plain steel links were less expensive. So after that they got the plain steel links. Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-12-2020, 07:53 PM
    My vote goes for either the Lyman 55 or the Lee PPM. I have both, 3 of the 55's. The Lee has a rubber grommet thing built in so as the measuring chamber closes it won't cut the powder. I find it very accurate. The 55's can handle larger volumes of...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-09-2020, 07:39 PM
    I have a Lyman for 7,62x54R. I got it because some of the once fired brass I picked up wouldn't chamber without a bit too much effort even after FL sizing. These were a too tight fit in the ammo checker. I bought a Lyman Shell Sizer. Made like the...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-09-2020, 02:40 PM
    I really like JimKirk's idea. I had a Lyman trimmer that worked like that. Figured out the variations I head/rim size caused variations in trim length. I then went with the Lee trimmer. It uses a mandrel to control case length. Found most cases...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-07-2020, 09:23 PM
    I don't own a case tumbler. Had one but didn't like the mess. Clean brass is good. bright and shiny like new is not any better as far as the way it goes through a guns action or how well it performs. If you think your bright and shiny ammo...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-07-2020, 08:39 PM
    The way Lee's measure has the shut off valve it acts as a powder baffle. This keeps the same amount over the charging chamber of the measure. This helps with consistency. I have one. It has a bit of a learning curve to the adjustments, but is very...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-05-2020, 02:32 PM
    He's a one man shop. Since Lyman quit making these tools he's not been able to make stuff. He probably doesn't have your items in stock and has to make them. This can take awhile. When I ordered the priming chamber and shell adapter for my...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-04-2020, 04:27 PM
    I don't know what Stoddard Solvent is but the WD in WD40 stands for water dispersant. It's not a lube. It gets water out of the way so the parts can do what they should. When I was a kid most people with Chevy's carried it around with them. If...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-04-2020, 04:01 PM
    I have some Federal that are that way. On some the ring matches the length of the 180 gr bullet, others the length of the 240 gr bullet. I also think it was for bullet set back, most for Ruger's semi auto carbine in 44 mag. Once you resize then...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-04-2020, 03:06 PM
    I don't have a metal lathe but do have a wood lathe. To cut an angle on the edges as you want I would just move my cutting tool at an angle to make the cut. I no a bit about metal lathes from high school shop class. Low those many years ago. I know...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-04-2020, 02:55 PM
    I picked up an older set of RCBS 44 mag dies. These were set up like your pacific dies. The only real problem I had with them is the expander was to long. It would go deep enough to flare the case. The size die was treaded. I called RCBS and they...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-03-2020, 05:19 PM
    Lyman put out the 50th Edition manual that has load data for jacketed as well cast bullets. They also put out a Cast Bullet Handbook, 4th Edition is the latest. It has load data for just cast bullets. They give loads for Lyman casrt as well as other...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-03-2020, 04:26 PM
    A lot of older springs can be replaced by new springs. Most good hardware stores carry an assortment of springs. Measure what the old one was by length, diameter of the spring and diameter of the wire the springs is wound from and number of turns....
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-03-2020, 04:17 PM
    The 45ACP is a straight walled case with no taper. The 9mm case has a taper. Fat bullets in a 9mm causes a bulge in the case, or is just too big to chamber. On the 45 ACP the chamber is a bit more generous. Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-01-2020, 06:49 PM
    I agree, the Lee Classic cast is a fine press. I like the left or right hand operation of the press. It's spent primer handling is great. It has a great price too. I might say it's the best out there. If you like a cast iron press. I like the...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-01-2020, 06:26 PM
    You have a lathe. Instead of altering that old die why not make one. It might be cheaper than the old die cost you. Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-01-2020, 06:10 PM
    I think about the only one that works very well is the one on a coax press. How that could be adapted to a conventional press I don't know. On a SS press That new shell holder that Lee makes looks like it could speed up certain steps in the...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-01-2020, 05:55 PM
    The Challenger has an aluminum frame. Early models had just the threads for a die. The later models had the breech lock. The Classic cast has a cast iron frame. Not that it needs a cast iron frame, just customers wanted one. On the Rock Chucker...
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