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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    Today, 04:33 PM
    I added a weight sorta like that on my pot. I tinker old motorcycles. I had some tranny gears setting near by. One had a smooth inner diameter with a keyway in it. I set that down on a flat piece of steel and poured it full of lead. Once cooled It...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    Today, 04:03 PM
    Do you go to second hand or thrift stores and such, like the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores? If so you can find a 2 Quart saucepan. No aluminum pans. Get a steel or stainless steel. Might even find a hot plate. This would get you started till you...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    Today, 03:19 PM
    I've been remixing some lead I bought, just to get the ingots more consistent. When I read this thread I thought I'll just check and see how much my Lee Pro 4-20 pot holds. I was trying to fill it level full. The last ingot I put in was one of the...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    Today, 01:14 PM
    I don't have the Lee APP or their primer pocket swager, so I'm just speculating. Look at the pin that does the swaging, Does it have a radius at the top of the pin, If so, perhaps adjusting it so the swager pin enters the pocket deeper sop this...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-26-2020, 08:39 PM
    I was thinking of cutting up into the bottom ring part way at each support on my burner, this way when you set the pot on the burner the cuts slip down over the supports. If done right the bottom of the tank will be jst a bit above the supports....
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-26-2020, 07:54 PM
    You won't like the Lee Ladle. It don't hold much and spills easy. I did better with a bent up table spoon. It works ok for stirring as you flux. If you plan on ladle casting get a Lyman or RCBS ladle. Cost more but work much better. I use Lee...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-26-2020, 06:54 PM
    The ten lb. pot has the rod coming in from the back on an angle. This makes it hard to use a ladle. It makes stirring and fluxing a bit more trouble and they seem to drip more. The 20 lb. pot has the rod straight down in the front. This gives you...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-26-2020, 05:05 PM
    I have a Marlin in 44 mag I bought new in 1978. With the 429421 I shoot as cast, lube with LLA, No sizing. It shoots well that way. I got a RD 265 gr RFN, NOE's version. I have cast a few but haven't shot any yet. I'll start as cast. If they...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-26-2020, 03:21 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread 44 Cal Round Balls in Cast Boolits
    It may or may not shoot bullets well. The only way to know for sure is to try a few. Cast your own round balls for sure, to try boolits I would buy a few different styles to try them. If any work well then get a mold for the one that works the best....
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-26-2020, 02:20 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Ornery Brass in Cast Boolits
    I know that when pulling bullets from older cartridges it helps to seat them a bit deeper first makes pulling easier. Perhaps this would work with these cases. Try seating the primers a bit deeper. You may not move the primer much but it may be...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-25-2020, 11:26 AM
    Pressman, on the Ideal tools you posted pics of. The #2, I've looked at pics of that tool so I could better see how it works. It looks like it can prime cases as well as deprime. Is that a correct assumption? Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-25-2020, 10:51 AM
    I'm in the one powder at a time on the bench. The only time I pour powder into a bottle it didn't come out of is when I get to the bottom of a bottle, and it's not enough to load more than a few it gets dumped into the bottle of the same powder I...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-24-2020, 06:24 PM
    In one post you said you were going to load top loads, by this I assume you open your book and use the powder charge the book says is max. Or do you start a bit low and work up? As others mention no two guns are the same. Ones max load may very...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-21-2020, 04:45 PM
    GRMPS, Your copy looks much better than mine. From the look of the pic on the front it looks like it was for a more recent version than the one mine came with. The knocker in the pic looks to be made with a flat steel strap curled for the pivot...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-20-2020, 11:09 PM
    I found with my Lee Bench Prime tool I have it mounted on a piece of oak board. I just set it on the bench, not clamped in place, and use it. After I place the case in the shell holder I drop my hand down a rest a finger on the board. After I seat...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-20-2020, 10:35 PM
    I have copies of two 310 die charts. One has a lot more numbers but it only covers the size dies. The other is not so long but list's the cartridge, handles, adapter die, priming chamber, Muzzle sizer/ DA chamber, Expander chamber, Expander for...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-20-2020, 10:16 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Lyman 55 in Reloading Equipment
    I tried the acetone. I put about 1/4 inch in a glass jar, just enough to wet the end. It softened the end a bit, then it got brittle and started to crumble and clouded the tube up about an inch. Guess is wasn't acrylic. On the Mothers, I didn't...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-20-2020, 09:50 PM
    I have this set of instructions. It has a hole where it was creased. This hole is by the Hodgen 4831 powder. I found another set of instructions online and it wasn't any easier to read, poor copy. I don't know if this is good or not. Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-20-2020, 09:18 PM
    The reamer I'm sure helped a lot, I think the micrometer seating die helped to. The case trimmer didn't hurt either. On the speed, once you got a lot of cases trimmed and reamed you shouldn't have to do that again for quite a few reloads. I have...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-20-2020, 08:55 PM
    One thing I have found with the collet FCD and the Collet Neck size die is to disassemble, Clean polish the outside of the collect where it touches the body and the inside of the body where it touches the collet. Sometimes there is a burr or other...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-20-2020, 08:15 PM
    Thanks for the advice. I've been casting since 1978. A friend got me started with fishing weights and jigs. That got me into casting for my 44Mag rifle and revolvers. I have been scrounging COWW as well as pure lead , as in lead pipe and sheeting,...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-16-2020, 12:21 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Haul post in Lead and Lead Alloys
    I have a cut off propane tank I use with my propane cooker. I might get another and cut both ends off. Weld a flat piece of steel on one end to have a flat bottom. Then build a spout and rod to make it a bottom pour. Maybe even use a electric stove...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-16-2020, 12:03 PM
    I buy some from Ebay if the seller has a lot of good feedback. On here as well as form scrounging, watching the local Want Ad papers. I don't have any luck on Craig's List, Never can get ahold of the sellers. Find a lot laying on the road and...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-16-2020, 11:15 AM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Lyman 55 in Reloading Equipment
    I have some acetone, I mix it 50/50 with ATF, Brand or price don't matter much, to make the best penetrating fluid ever. I'll see how that works. Thanks. Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-16-2020, 11:02 AM
    I set mine by setting all the slides to zero. I then open all three most of the way. I then use my scale to get a charge. I pour this charge in the hopper and turn the slides up so the powder gets into the opening. Move the measure around to get all...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 10:33 PM
    The place I get my propane tanks filled had old tanks setting around. I asked about getting one to cut up. They said sure and even pulled the valve for me. Didn't even charge me for it. Once home I flushed it with the water hose a couple times then...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 09:48 PM
    Instead of using 50 caliber cans you could use 30 caliber cans. Not sure how muchyou can get in the 30 cal; can but would take up less space than a half full 50 cal can. Leo
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 08:58 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Lyman 55 in Reloading Equipment
    I tried the Goo Gone. It brought up the too worst ones up to a bit darker than the clearest one. Look much better. I still want to use the new clear tubing I have. I bought two pieces of clear tubing. I think they are acrylic. I think I paid $10...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 05:56 PM
    44magLeo replied to a thread Lyman 55 in Reloading Equipment
    I'll have to try that One of mine is so dark you can't see through even with light shining through from behind and another about half that bad. The other is tinted but still ok. Thanks for the tip. I keep the Goo Gone around for a lot of things,...
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  • 44magLeo's Avatar
    02-15-2020, 05:50 PM
    I was just on the Lee website checking on something I read about on another thread and spotted something. They had a listing for Heavy Duty Guided Decappers. I thought What are those. So I looked them up. Some complain about breaking or bending...
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