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12-04-2010, 01:09 PM
I am in need of a Detailed, expanded view picture of the internal parts for a Hopkins & Allen Double Barrel shotgun (hammerless) it's a 20 gauge but I belive the internals would be simmilar on a 12..the guy I got it from tried fixing it due to one firing pin being out and locked both the firing pins out.. I belive I could diss-assemble it and repair it if I can find a Detailed diagram.. anyone know of a source? I've web searched and so far no luck.. I could try it "Blind" but that would be guesswork at best

by the way I'm new to this site but from what I've read here it will be a welcome addition to my knowlage base.. I've got several old Rifles..Shotguns and some Muzzleloaders (pistols and rifle) that keep me well armed : )

12-04-2010, 07:45 PM
I have my Dad's H&A double circa 1905-10. It's a boxlock with fake sideplates. If yours is like this, listen up. They are very simple to disassemble. Take out the screw that goes through the top tang to the bottom, and remove the stock. take out the screw that holds the sideplates on, and remove them. You should be able to see whatever part you need to work on. On second thought, try taking off the sideplates first, then the stock. Can't remember. Gunparts Inc still has some parts for these. BTW, my 12 ga. chambers are 2 5/8", NOT 2 3/4". Make sure your 20 ga. chambers are 2 3/4". If you're worried about getting mixed up, do what I do when I take a mechanical wristwatch apart for cleaning. Take photos of the insides with your digital camera as you disassemble the gun. take several photos as you go along. Then download them on your computer and enlarge them as you reassemble in reverse order. Hope this helps some