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10-08-2006, 09:49 PM
I cast my own Bullets and now I have REAL moulds for 50 and 54 and for smokeless loads and one for my 45/70 and my 30 cal bullets for my 30/30. A while back a friend brought me a bunch of Home cast balls for 50 and 54 and lots of 50 Conicals and a few 54. Wish they would have been the other way more 54 than 50. There was also a lot of 30 cal bullets cast and some odds and ends. It was like 2 of those square plastic crates used for hauling milk full. with a other one full of pistol bullets ect that I traded off.

So I have enough to shoot for a quite a while with the exception of the 54 cal conicals. That was only 5 # worth. Otherwise I scored 17# of 54 cal .530 Roundball. and 14# or 50 cal .495 roundball. 12 Pounds of 50 Cal Mini's 15 pounds of 50 cal REAL conicals and 10 pounds of the Lee Target Mini's
and 11 pounds of 30 cal that I am not sure what I will use it for as it is not a flat tipped bullet which is only what I will use for hunting in a 30 cal. Pretty good score.