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10-04-2006, 04:07 PM
Well while my plunger type underhammer worked it was not very handy so I figured back to the drawing board for my full stock underhammer rifle and shotgun. Here are pictures of the lock and the gun. Not sure if the red dot will stay or go if it goes I will put a peep sight back on it, as the eyes just do not shoot open sights anymore very well. Rifle is mostly finished except for some clean up work. Shotgun lock is half done need to add the springs to it and mount. There is a plate that swings to the side that half covers the hole for the hammer as a hammer block. That will act as a safety and so the hammer can rest off of the nipple for recapping ect. Trigger guard had to be free floating on the front end as I could not attach it in any way that it would not interfer with the trigger bar. This has a nice trigger on it now it releases with no creep and a nice light pull. There was no way the lock would have fit into the stock completely so it does hang down some, but with the spring set up the way it is I felt if I removed too much wood it would have weakened the stock too much. Bottom plate in front of the lock needs to be finished it it is still in the rough, but put in on to see how it would work.




10-04-2006, 05:37 PM
More Clearer I hope Pics I bought the hammers at a gun show for 50 cents a piece I got two of them. :grin: They were Ruger Single Action Hammers now modified. The Spring set up for the Hammer came out of the Underhammer book by Hershal Logan. The trigger spring is a wire v shape with a loop in the middle for the tension I cut this down to fit on one side and left the long side at the top of the plate and a bolt is going through the loop in the spring to hold it in place.




10-06-2006, 12:12 AM
Well went out hunting today and shot a couple of grouse. Took the xbow along for a chance at a deer but no such luck there. Anyway left a little early then usual so I could shoot the underhammer for function. Shot it a dozen times and it worked flawlessly.