View Full Version : unknown trigger guard-floor plate

07-29-2010, 07:19 PM
I have a 2 piece trigger guard-hinged floorplate I thought was for a model 70. it is made like the model 70, but is thinner, and has a small front plate where the front screw goes in. if you put it against a 98 mauser it just reaches the rear stud where the back screw goes. it has a hole thru the floorplate where the front trigger guard screw goes in. the screw goes into the triggerguard and the floorplate closes over it. I don't understand the reason for the hole, if it was originally made that way. seems I remember the manlicher-schonauer had a hole there, but unless this is for a model 70 feather weight, I can't find anything like it. the release is in the trigger bow, the finish is not a deep blue or high polish. I looked in bolt action rifles and nothing there like it. anybody know what this fits?