View Full Version : Sticky for types of boolits standard performance?

Canuck Bob
05-31-2010, 12:43 PM
As a new person to casting I find some info a little hard to find easily.

Velocity ranges for each type of cast bullet. I'm speaking of advice for velocity ranges that would be likely to be successful for new loaders to set a baseline for personal experimentation. If this exists and I can't find it please advise.

This is what I had in mind and the following are GUESSES and represent useless advice to anyone.

up to 1000 fps- pistol, cowboy action, squib rifle load
- minimum boolit to include soft or hard lead, alloy or bhn?
- plain base acceptable
- knurled swaged and paper patch acceptable
1000 to 1500 fps- magnum handgun and light rifle loads
- lead alloy or bhn required?
- gas check preferred plain base may work
- paper patch acceptable
1500 to 2500 fps????? - no idea of what works or what the vel. range is

above 2500 fps ?????

and so on.

if folks want to add infon and such I will chart it out simply for future reference.

05-31-2010, 02:10 PM
I think what your suggesting is admirable, but I think there are enough variables that it would become a very large document. The effect of various powders/pressure levels, bullets that are best for targets (accuracy), game (energy transfer and penetration), or competition (reliability), type of gun/rifling style and so forth come to mind. For example, many people report leading in 9mm with 1050 fps loads and yet the same bullet in a .38 Special at the same velocity won't lead a bit.

For my reloading purposes I roughly break things down into 3 main categories - low pressure pistol (the Specials, .45 ACP, original spec .45 Colt, etc.), high pressure pistol (the Magnums, 9mm, 10mm/.40, etc.) and rifle (which I don't load much of so no advice here).

Just my thoughts. I see the merit in your proposal.