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05-31-2010, 12:01 AM

Too many places to post this...so it goes to the General Forum.

I have a two moulds (Custom NEI, 185gr .451) that I really like, but they cast too small. This of course causes multiple problems, but the particular problem in the 1911 chosen is extreme leading.

I thought a good dose of Rooster Jacket might increase the diameter enough to stop the leading, but no dice. The barrel continued to lead horribly....everything from lead in front of the chamber, streaks(more like pieces) of lead on the rifling and lead on lands and grooves clear to the muzzle. This would all happen within 40-50 rounds. Quite a mess.

Not wanting to give up and toss them back(~1500 bullets) into the pot...I decided to lube them with my first batch of Felix lube. Well... the results were SUPER. Very light leading in front of the chamber...this is about normal for any well fitting bullet in this barrel. I don't recall seeing it remaining this clean with cast... Another bonus was low smoke. I quite expected the load "smoke" to be largely increased over the RJ, but this wasn't the case. Slight increase, but it was not detrimental.

So...All the loads & conditions were the same. Do I attribute this to Felix? or the combination of the Jacket & Felix? I likely won't have any bare boolits soon... At least in this case, the emperical evidence indicates that a good lube can overcome a small diameter. True?

What do you think?

Chris G. in MO

Bass Ackward
05-31-2010, 06:10 AM
As we go through life, we often look back and wish we knew then what we know now. In many respects, we should just be thankful that we learned it now and not 10 more years from now.

My guess is that you were too soft for "your" set of bore conditions and the Felix bailed you out.

But after all that pain, I would be so happy that I would be loading more as opposed to getting our theory this soon after solving the puzzle. :grin:

05-31-2010, 06:48 AM
shome10x, Thanks for the info.
It is great to hear a happy solution to another problem.[smilie=s:
And welcome to the forum.