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07-04-2006, 11:21 PM
Is anyone shooting the .50/110? I just traded off my #3 Ruger I'd sorta' remodeled. Just wasn't going to redo the rifle as it was after the remodelling, and don't need 3 .45/70's. I've toyed with the idea of rebarreling the #3 to .50/110 using a Green Mountain .50 cal. Sharps style octagonal barrel in the Sharps (tuliped rear end) style. I think I'd like a fairly slender schnabblized forend with a buttstock that has a long, ball end pistol grip, sometimes referred to as a "semi-pistol grip."

I think I'd want a BPCR type chamber with a tight throat so I can use either black or that other newfangled powder, and cast bullets exclusively. The tight throat should allow more different bullet styles to be loaded to better effect, I think.

Anyone done this, or anything similar? I've just never got my round tuit on this, but the idea just won't go away, and now that I'm doing gunsmithing, I can do it cheaper and just the way I want it done. Just curious.

The .50/110 isn't legal for BPCR shoots, is it? I know the #3 action isn't anyway, but I'd like this for a hunter, and just another great lil' ol' toy.

07-05-2006, 01:43 AM
I think what you will find with the #1/3 action and a fairly long 50 cal case is that the top of the breach block will have to be milled down. That big rim will hit the top of the block and not allow a straight entry to the chamber.
That was the case with a 50/90 conversion. The 50/110 is .10" shorter and the rim just a bit smaller but may still be an issue. It may even be a problem to chamber the longer 45/90 from 45/70 but dont know cuz have not seen it done. The 50/70 is short enough that it may not be a problem.

07-05-2006, 09:31 AM
If the 50-110 Win was introduced before the cutoff date for BPCR Shilouette it will be legal but the Ruger action will not. However the thought of firing that monster in a 12 lb rifle through 40 targets plus sighters makes my blood run cold. Should make a real slap em down hunting rifle though.

Jerry Liles

Idaho Sharpshooter
07-19-2006, 12:29 AM
I hunt with an 1886 in 50-110 and shoot a HiWall in the 1000yd matches here and there. Shotgun buttplates on both, and the HiWall has a 34" 1.3"diameter octagon barrel. 14 lbs, 15oz, just in case the scale somewhere has a fat day. Recoil is there, but not as bad as my brothers 16lb Shiloh LRE in 50-90-650. I have shot as many as 50 or a few more on a day testing loads and checking sights out to 1000yards, and the recoil is more of a shotgun-style push than the hi-velocity smokeless stuff. I have an ego-pleasing big bore smokeless boltgun; a Remington M1934 in 510 Kayser Express. Copy of the 510 Wells Express but built on the 416 Rigby cylindrical case instead of the 460 Wby...I hate belts on rifle cartridges!!!!! 600gr bullet at 2250fps...now that is a stinker for recoil from the bench. Especially filing in the express sights for 50/100/200 with the arrived at hunting load. It does kill elephants and Cape Buffalo rather readily.\



07-20-2006, 04:45 PM
I shoot a 50-90 RB that John King restored for me using a cut rifling GM barrel. At about 16 lbs it is a pleasure to shoot as is the 50-70 RB I have. "Push" is a good description of the recoil. I do have Decelerator pads on both guns though.