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05-01-2005, 10:34 PM
A buddy came over tonite with 3 of those plastic milk crates full of lead. Not wheel weights or scrap but already cast bullets. I got quite a few 30 cal bullets and a lot of 50 cal ( Muzzle loader ) balls and conicals. ( Good thing I have a 50 cal muzzzle loader ) Some pistol bullets sized .430 that I will have to see if I can use them in a sabot for muzzle loading since I do not have a 44. Some 22 cal cast and 1 box full of jacketed. 2 full bags of #8 shot. Some cast that looks like it may be for 38 or 357. Some Brass for a couple of calibers I do not have that I am going to see if I can trade off tomorrow for brass I can use. All in all a pretty good deal. He got them from a relative that was going to give it to some one and the guy never showed so he told my buddy come and get it so he did and gave it to me. It works for me. What I cannot use now I will hang on to as who knows what I may buy in the future. This way I have a head start on bullets. :):):)

05-01-2005, 10:58 PM
Speaking about mother loads, Sundog did a bunch of lead melt down for Lew Goldstein who is no longer with us. A guy named "Woods" something from St. Charles (St. Louis) MO did a lot of the physical work for Lew in gathering up the raw WW, amounting to 1500 pounds or more. I need to contact him to reward his helping Lew. Please, if anyone knows how to contact this "Woods", please post here or email me. TIA... felix

05-01-2005, 11:49 PM
Woodsloafer, a Dennis somebody. Got this from emails stored away. Does anyone know more? ... felix

05-02-2005, 02:20 AM
...............Sounds like you made out fine. I am happy to recieve any shooting related stuff that might be discarded in my direction[smilie=w:. I have many occurances, but one Tuesday a fill in rangemaster had 6, 25# shotbags full of commercial 38 cal 158gr SWCBB's. These were the dip lubed type with a couple turned in knurled grooves. I gave him $20 for'em just to melt down for alloy. There was about 150lbs all told.

I actually did melt down one bag but then I got to thinking. Hey, I have a 38 Special, why not try some out? While they didn't do as well as a couple other boolit designs I had, they did shoot okay. At least well enough to make me save the rest and not melt'em down. I loaded about a thousand of'em with the Dillon over 3.0grs of Red Dot.


05-02-2005, 01:14 PM
Well traded off the shot and the extra cases I could not use 7mm mag and 303 brit. I thought about keeping the brit cases in case I ever buy one but decided that I have enough milsurps to reload for now. ( 5 different calibers) so I decided I really do not need a 303 though it s a good cartridge and the guns are reasonable. I have my K31 and 2 Mosin Nagants to shoot in 30 cal for milsurps. The shot was 8 shot and I do not load for shotguns and if I used it at all it would be for my 12 guage muzzle loader which I really plan on using larger shot sizes in that. Any way I got 40 bucks credit which gave me a pound of 2400, 40 284 brass to make into 7.5x55 Swiss and a box of PMC Predator 22 mag shells. A Good Deal as far as I was concerned And I still have all them cast bullets to play with. I decided the 44 cast I can use with sabots in my 54 cal muzzle loader.