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06-27-2006, 07:19 PM
Some folks have been calling this a Fischer Cleaner. This one was copied from Ned Roberts book. The brush is a 50 cal hog bristle brush and the body of the handle is a chunk of scrap brass. The front is center drilled for the brush and the brush is soldered in. The back of the handle is counter bored for the tit on my jag, and the grooves are cut in with a cut off tool so the o rings are right at .460. The main body of the handle is .446 and is just under a slip fit in the bore of my rifle. In use the brush is kept in a can of BP solvent. When I am ready to clean between shots i take the brush out and tap it on the bench so it is wet, but not too wet. Then I drop the brush into the bore and push it through the barrel with my rod. Then I just run a dry patch through and I am ready for another shot, or string of shots. The o rings squeegee the moisture from the bore and the dry patch leaves the bore the same every time and the 4" brush does a good job of taking out the fouling.

06-29-2006, 09:31 AM
KCSO that is a dandy idea will have to make one myself. where did you get the 50 cal hog bristle brush.
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06-29-2006, 11:15 AM

Nothing I make calls for new parts. I don't go to the hardware store unless I absolutly have to. The brass handle was from an old brass bolt, the brush is something left over from my grandfathers stuff he cleaned cream seperators with and the o rings are left over from a spray gun rebuild kit. This can cause problems when somebody says what do I need, 'cause for the most part I don't have part numbers. I would guess that any soft bristle 50 cal brush would work, Coffee machine cleaning brushes come to mind.

06-29-2006, 09:28 PM
Here's my version of it. it's called a Texas Bore Pig. Not my idea but I did take the time to knock it off. Works really well too.

07-04-2006, 06:03 PM
I did a 25 round test today using the cleaner and shooting 3 shot groups with a run through ever 3 rounds. Three three shot groups all in one target ran 3 1/4" with my 45-80 2 1/10. This was with buckhorn iron sights from 100 yards. The best 3 shots went into 1 1/4" and the average was 2 3/4". No foulers at all and the only shot I could call out of group was the first shot from a cold oily barrel that went into the 9 shot group. After the 25th shot I went home and gave the barrel a good cleaning, this took 1 wet patch 1 dry patch and 1 oily patch, maybe 10 strokes total. The cleaner when pushed through had all the fouling at the first O ring and the rear ring was clean and slightly damp. I guess those old timers new what they were about!

Idaho Sharpshooter
07-19-2006, 12:39 AM
I make a very similiar, but a bit easier and cheaper to make version.

Go to the Brownells Catalog (you DO have one, right?) and order:

a dozen nylon bristle cleaning brushes caliber specific.
VBR felt cleaning pads. These are caliber available, 3/8" thick felt washable wads
caliber specific LDPE wads.

Take the brush and slip a felt cleaning pad on the back end.
Drill a hole in the LDPE wad centered, and push it on behind the felt wad.
buy a dozen of the appropriate sized nylock nuts or thin metal ones, and screw tightly on the back.

Place the bore pigs in a tupperware container (pint size) of your favorite cleaning solution at the ready. Immediately after firing put one in your barrel and push it thru with a cleaning rod with a jac on the end. Let it fall out of the bore into your catch bucket, and follow with a cleaning patch. Replaces blowtubing and provides the exact same bore condition for each shot despite changing conditions.

The LDPE wad serves the same purpose as the washers on the old Fischer brush in squeegee-ing most of the moisture out of the barrel, and the cleaning patch finishes the job. Some skip the patch beleiving that the dampness helps.


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