View Full Version : 7mm Mauser---Range-Good to go loads.

05-29-2006, 01:40 PM
:castmine: Checking a couple of loads 7x57 mauser at range turned out well I used a Lee 130 gr. boolit--First was Unique at 12 grs.----12.3 and 12.7--best overall group was 12.3 with gas check and Dacron--less than a 1/2 inch at 25 yrds. Off the bench open sites. Then I tried 7.5 grs. of Tight group with gas check and without ----- using my tumbling media as a filler----gas checked round had three shot group--all rounds touching in center of target ----Wow. Non gas checked did not shoot as well. Was well pleased with the combination of Tight group and tumbling media at 7.5 --- felix lube was used----Load was pleasant to shoot----Have now loaded 8 and 8.5 same combo and will try at range when I can--- No sense in going today as I stayed up all night playing poker (Texas holdem) in Casino here in Conn.--- Foxwoods ---- (largest in world)---got in at 7 this morning and pretty tired to say the least---Hope you all enjoyed -----Mag:coffee: