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Bucks Owin
05-24-2006, 04:43 PM
My Dad moved us to central BC (Prince George actually) in the summer of 1964 when I was 10 yrs old. He had gone up there from our home in shasta county Kalifornia in the fall of '63 to hunt moose and decided that the construction boom and abundance of easy moose hunting warranted such a move!

I was the only American at school, and besides numerous fisticuffs defending the honor of the USA, I was also teased unmercifully about the different pronunciations of common words between the US and Canada.

One of them was "whore". My few friends (a few who weren't anti-American, you know how little boys can be... :roll: ) informed me that the word was pronounced "hoor" (which sounds like "lure") along with a graphic and long winded explanation of what a "hoor" was. (Which turned out to be somewhat inaccurate I found out later...) It's not much of a stretch to imagine putting the two words together to come up with a new description of men's after shave: "Hoor Lure"....

I don't remember if I actually invented the word or just picked it up from my friends, but I still use it to this day and remember those times at "Connaught Elementary School"....

My personal favorite "hoor lure" is Hoppes #9 dabbed on a shirt collar like you do on a patch. Those inquisitive creatures of the opposite sex are still "lured" by it's great "banana" scent! :-D

Works for me,


BTW, I decided I needed a confirmation of the proper pronunciation of "whore" so I asked the ol' man one day. He must've wondered just what the hell prompted such a query from his young son, but answered that indeed the word "hoor" meant what it meant although he didn't go into great detail regarding a "hoor's" job description. Maybe he was learning new ways of pronunciatin' from his friends? [smilie=1: