View Full Version : Some Shoot Results

05-01-2006, 03:32 PM
I just came back from our club rendevous this wekend. I went up to camp and help with the range and have been out for about 4 days. Typical Nebraska weather, we shot in wind and rain for two days. The wind was so bad that the top score at 100 yards was a 35 from cross sticks. This match would usually need at least a 45 to even place. The wind was very gusty and changable and almost impossible to read. I held anywhere from 6 inches to 16 inches into the wind and still had two shots drift out of the rings to land in the buffalo's butt. The wind was bad enough that on a couple of shots it blew the priming out of the pan as it lit, yu could stand back and see the flash just to the right of the lock.

The offhand scores were just as bad, but as the old gent who won the pistol match said, "this is where the men and boys are sorted out". He, by the way, shot 38 out of 50 to win the pistol match. Given my drutheres I would prefer to shoot a flinter in the rain and sleep in a tent on a buff hide over sitting in this damn office.