View Full Version : Traditions "Crocket" rifle

04-28-2006, 10:12 AM
anyone shoot one of these? got one about a six weeks ago. been shooting it pretty regular.

15 grains 3f black, 311 ball,010 patch lubed with moose snot= one hole groups at 25 yards. this thing is gonna be tough on tree rats.
ain't even got the barrel broke in good!!


04-29-2006, 07:23 AM
.............One of the members here who's handle is Pistolero451, has one and it shoots well. A much older aquaintence of mine has been shooting muzzle loaders since before it became really common again. He has a 32 or 36 cal flintlock squirrel rifle with a 40" bbl and one time I saw him shooting alongside a couple guys with their 22 Mag RF's, and he wasn't giving an inch in accuracy.

Another time I was shooting my Whitworth at teh 200 meter gong, so he said he was going to also, and he was shooting that squirrel gun. He shot 3 times and didn't hit the plate, but he came within inches of it. With that little pea sized RB he probably could have hit it had we been shooting in a warehouse :-) 200 meters outdoors is a LONG way for that little RB to go!