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06-02-2009, 09:00 PM
well i dont know if this is the place for this but here goes anyway, and im sure if im in the wrong place...someone will prolly set me straight.
i have a ruger m-77 in 25-06. ive been tempted to build a beanfield rifle for awhile now. i want to re-barrel my 25 to a 270 win. with a heavy barrel and custom trigger. currently it wears the factory syn stock which pleases me as the pull and drop are perfect for me and i like the newer syn stocks ruger makes.
so my question to this faturnity of shooters is this...has anyone built such a rifle first off...second, will it compete with others as a cast boolit rifle.
id like some feedback on this project as it will cost me a bunch as i live in a state that has limited smiths and im not sure how to arange to ship it to a competent smith for the work.
also im interested in cast boolit shooting with the .270 as well as jacketed stuff.

thanks for your input and again...if im in the wrong place...please forgive

06-02-2009, 09:09 PM
Ted, you got two entirely different applications, and they are very contrary to each other. But, if you insist, you can compromise a little by having the barrel made with a 12 twist. You would shoot 130s very good, and would have a chance with cast boolits to 2100 fps, or 2/3 rds of that for your condom full tilt load. ... felix

06-08-2009, 01:06 PM
I have not loaded nor shot a lot of .270, but some the same principles apply to other guns/calibers. I've had a lot of success with faster twist rates, such as a 8, 9 or 10 twist. I can get the heavier cast boolits to stabilize in the 1,025 fps range for subsonic loads, as well as the Berger VLDs for long-range hunting.

Insofar as a Ruger action for a custom gun, I'd switch to a Savage 110, 111, or similar Savage action. They build some awesome rifles and they're less expensive than a Rem 700 action. The angled floor plate screw on the Ruger can be a bear to tune to get the gun to shoot well, so you will want to get a torque wrench with a gunsmith screwdriver bit and play around with the tension that makes the gun shoot the best.