View Full Version : Swedish m/1867 rolling block sporters with Danish Krag barrels

05-15-2009, 07:20 PM
A m/1867 Swedish rolling block with a stepped barrel in 8x58R Danish that slugs at .318" in the grooves.

This is not a Swedish barrel. And its undersized for Swedish specification ammunition. The Swedes used .323" as the bullet diameter in their 8x58RD cartridge. I have original loaded Norma ammo marked "8mm m/89" and Swedish reloaded ammo using Danish military cases. Bullets are .323" on both.

I know of one in Oklahoma and at least 2 or 3 for sale at Simpon's in Illinois. They list the caliber as ".318" and nothing else. What that means?? I don't know but I know at least one of these rifles exists in the U.S. so I'd bet there are more. The one in Oklahoma is owned by a friend of mine who slugged the bore so there's no question or confusion about the groove diameter.

This is in a m/1867 blackpowder action not a converted m/1889 rifle.

The key identifier is the stepped barrel. Its a military barrel. Sweden didn't have any 8mm barrels like that (aside from converted K98k in 8x63mm that were standard K98 barrels rechambered). The Swedish m/1889 8x58RD barrels for their military rifles were not stepped. They were tapered smooth.

Be aware these rifles exist in the U.S. I would prefer to have one in-hand for 1st person examination but that's doubtful.

Be careful with what you buy and don't assume anything.