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03-01-2006, 05:54 PM
It has taken a while, but today I loaded my first 2400 in a rifle cartridge. I have loaded many pounds in magnum sixguns, but never in a rifle. I know it is a favorite of some here. I started with the magic 16 grains. Anybody have a better idea on charge weight.

I discovered a trove of bullets I cast in 1984 last week. I have about 1K of the critters. The bullet is Lyman 311467U and cast from straight linotype.

The dimensions are sorta funky as the run .302 at the base of the nose. .304 on the top band, .305 on the next band, and .309 on the rest.

Using Buckshots neato nose sizing die, I sized the nose and top two bands .300. A gas check, some lube and a trip though a .309 die finished the task on the bullets.

Unless the weather turns bad Friday, will see me at the range. I am taking my 1965 vintage Model 70 for the 30-06, a Krag to try 322407 Mod, and my old/new Winchester 94 in 32 Win. Spl.

03-01-2006, 06:10 PM
Last year I "discovered" 2400 in the '06 and every other rifle caliber I load cast in and have been pretty happy with it. I 've loaded 16 grains and a variety of boolits in my 03A3 with pretty consistent results and have worked up some loads to near maximum charges with little change in group size. Being a frugal boolit caster and reloader, I can't see burning more powder than I need to. Awhile back, I posted a picture of a 100 yard 10 shot group shot in the 03A3 with the 16 grain charge and the group buy 311407 that had 9 rounds in 2" and a flier that made it a 3" group. That's pretty good shootin for me.

03-01-2006, 06:51 PM

The beauty of the Loverins like 311467 in the "U" (Undersize) format is that they don't leave you with a grossly-undersize bore-rider area. That .302 dimension at the base of the nose will be guided very nicely by a normal-size .30 bore, and the fatter bands further back will seal the bore rather well, too.

My 4-cavity 311467 is on vacation at Curmudgeon's place right now, but it is a normal (not "U") dimension mould. It allows me to size the basebands at up to a full .314", meaning it can work well in all the normal .30s as well as the "fat" ones....and it DOES work well.

My wife was kind enough to put in a bid on another 4-cavity Loverin for me, this one being for the 311466 of around 150 grains. I hope it pans out, because the Loverins are just about the most-useful .30 designs I've yet found, and the 311466 is extremely well-liked by many of my rifles. I already have a sale for my 2-cavity 466 in the event I succeed in buying the 4-cavity.

Sounds like you have a winner.

03-01-2006, 09:03 PM
Well Golly,Bruce, you are early to the table on that one!! I am outbid already this time,-- but then ,I probably wouldn't pay enough to be in the hunt at the end. GOOD LUCK..... Onceabull

03-01-2006, 09:11 PM
Well Golly,Bruce, you are early to the table on that one!! I am outbid already this time,-- but then ,I probably wouldn't pay enough to be in the hunt at the end. GOOD LUCK..... Onceabull

Dang it, Bill....did we do it to you AGAIN??? I do apologize, sir.

03-01-2006, 09:29 PM
BruceB: I was not on top at the time,because thats not my style..AND it is WAY TOO MUCH work to sort out the entire bidders list !! Anyway, the 2C example should suffice a man my age,and I have also acq. a Modern Bond m-311,their interpretation of a 154 gr Loverin,to keep the "Off-hand" in the game,should boredom strike ! Got GET it ,and ENJOY.... Onceabull

03-02-2006, 01:04 AM
Chargar, I load the magic 16.0 X 2400, (1420 fps) 21.0 X 2400, (1688 fps) and 24.0 X 2400, (1838 fps) in my Springfield. I load the 21 and 24 gr. amounts if I think I am going to be shooting at 200 yd. + and wish to avoid going transonic. Dunno if that does me any good, and besides I keep coming back to the magic 16 gr. load because it is most accurate. I also use the same 16 gr. in .30/40 Krag and .303 British, and it is NOT true that I sprinkle 16.0 gr. of 2400 on my morning oatmeal, despite what BruceB says.

03-02-2006, 06:48 AM
Can't knock the 16 gr. load of 2400 with almost any cast I have shot through the springfield. Have also been quite satisfied with 20 gr. under both 311291, and 311284, in my two land bbl. I size to .311 for just about all the 30's except for my Swiss. Good Luck.