View Full Version : anyone have a mossberg 472?

04-15-2009, 12:16 PM
or a New Haven 679 in 30-30? I have a 679 that is the same as a 472 that has a broken extractor that has turned into a club. I cannot find an extractor that iwll pull the cartridge all of the way out of the chamber without dropping it before its all of the way out for the ejector to kick it out of the reciever. I have ordered one from Numrich and one from Havlin sales and they both are about 1/16" too long and dont hold the case tight to the face of the bolt. What gives? Does yours hold it tight or do I have another problem? I never had any problems with the factory one. The case is not hanging up on anything if you point the barrel straight up the case will fall out with a minor shake. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Ill try to get a picture up in a few minutes. I have dial up so it may take some time. Pics are up sorry for the size of them but Photobucket wouldnt let me re size them
below is a very blurry picture of the extractor not even coming close to touching the case.


Below is as far as the extractor would pull it before it let go.


04-15-2009, 09:01 PM
Is the extractor just bent up from flat steel? If so, and they are not too
expensive you may get away with heating it up to red hot to soft the tip,
then rebend as required, then heat redhot again and quench in oil.

Now comes the tricky part. Either you leave it fully hard (altho oil quenched
will be slightly less hard than water) and see how it lasts. Might be fine,
but it will be very brittle, likely too brittle. I'd bet 50-50 it breaks pretty
soon, but if you keep the heating to the tip only and most of the bending
when riding over the rim is farther back, it may be just OK.

So, prolly you need to temper it to take away some of the brittleness. If you
sand it with 400 grit on the tip until it is shiny, then very quickly move it
into and out of ( 1/2 second or less) the cooler portion of a propane torch,
repeating until it warms up enough to JUST turn purple-blue from heat,
then let it cool naturally - you should have a hard but not too brittle
yet reshaped extractor.

If this isn't clear or you don't want to try it, then how about annealing it
(heat red and let cool slowly) and rebend to the correct shape (looks like
you may need to grind a bit off the tip after rebending, too) and send
it to me. I have access to a proper heat treat oven for the tempering
(last stage) and should be able to get it pretty well where you need it.

The check IS in the mail, and I really DO owe you one.


04-15-2009, 09:34 PM
Bill, Yes it is made of flat spring steel with a bend in the center for the roll pin to hold it in the bolt. I bought two of them and the Guy at Havlin sales is a Mossberg historian and he said he has never heard of this problem before. That makes sense what you described, Ill try it on one of them, but I may wind up sending you the other one to properly heat treat. Ill have to wait for a crappy day as the mushrooms are starting to come up real good right now :-)

BTW you dont owe me a thing for those old chaps. We wear them out pretty quick and when a pair gets a hole in them, we toss them and get a new pair. Just be safe and well be even.