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02-17-2006, 03:14 PM
I am hoping one of you fellow cast bullet shooters can help me find a load(s) for my 30-30 Ackley Imp. using the Lyman 311316 bullet. I have cast a bunch of them and haven't been able to find any loading data for that bullet. I would like to use IMR 4227, IMR 4759 or Accurate 5744 which are all in the same general burning rate according to the various charts. 2400 would also be useful.

I am hoping one of you who has one of the software programs like "Load Data" or "Quick Load" would help me out on this. I use a Mac instead of a PC running Windows, which means all of the available programs "don't work so very good".

I am looking for loads for my grandkids in the 1600 to 2000 fps with the little bullet. My barrel is the standard 20" from bolt face to muzzle and the case holds 49.5 grains of water. The barrel slugs .308. The bullets weigh 105 grains w/GC and lube. The alloy is: Tin-6.2%, Antimony-8.1% and Lead-85.7%. It is hard but not brittle like linotype and with Lyman moly lube does not lead.

I have used this bullet in my 308 at the same velocities and it is one fun, accurate little bullet to shoot. I want them to learn iron sights before I turn them loose with a scope.

Thank you for your help in advance. My e-mail is Lo_Tek@ comcast.net if you need any other info or ?.

02-17-2006, 06:34 PM
Start with regular .30-30 data. The AImp was designed to squeeze a few more fps out of the .30-30 and the slightly greater case volume won't make any difference to your project. I have had very good accuracy with 25 - 29.5gr RE-7 with light and medium boolits in several different .30-30's and never bothered to test any other powders, so I can't help you much with those choices.

Bass Ackward
02-17-2006, 06:34 PM
Yo Lo,

I will help you out if you use the PM feature and go off line.

Quickload is a volume driven program that needs more info to include bullet length in .000 and OAL of a loaded cartridge in 0.000. Please provide this in your PM.