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02-11-2006, 04:30 PM
I just discovered something that makes ingots easier to store...easier to handle...and makes it easier to estimate the weight of a pile of them.

I keep an ingot mould under the spout on my old Lyman pot to catch drips. While moving some items on the bench, I managed to push a folded towel under the handle...opening the spout.
By the time I noticed that lead was flowing, the ingot mould was just about full...so I let it get to the top before stopping the flow.

If you fill the Lyman mould until it's totally full, you wind up with a single ingot which breaks pretty easily into four equal chunks. You can stack 'em...stand 'em on edge...or pack 'em in a box without fumbling with all of those separate little blocks.

And...the 'segmented ingot' weighs five pounds. I assume the RCBS mould is the same size.

If you try a few you might like 'em.

02-12-2006, 06:09 AM
.............CM, several years ago about 5 of us were melting big lead machinery footings with a 150 lb gas fired plumbers pot. We had about 15 of the Lyman ingot moulds we'd all pooled for the event, and that's they way we were pouring.

Fill'em right up to the exterior lip and then on to the next. Had one guy with a Skilsaw cutting the footings up into hunks about 2x2x8". One guy minding and feeding the pot and 3-4 others dumping and replacing the moulds to be re-filled. They stacked well against the side of the building. We did a couple tons of the things.