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03-19-2009, 10:18 PM
I shoot military silhouette (200, 300, 385, and 500 Meters) with a M1917 Enfield in 30-06. So far it has been a Jacketed affair only. Something nags at me to try cast but the distance and velocity required may be a bit challenging. Ed Harris recommended 200 grain cast and 47 gr of H414 for the long stuff, but I have not tried that route.

This paper patching might be an answer to getting the required velocity w/o leading.

What say ye? Am I tilting at windmills, is it more work than worth or is there a pot of gold at the end of the rolled paper?

I am not sure, but 2300+/- fps should do the trick with 200 grains to knock down the 500 m rams. All shots are single loaded so the paper should not be an issue. My thought would be to use a LEE 308-200 grain and size to 0.301, wrap it then resize to 0.311.

As always I am indebted to the forum for any help and advice.


03-19-2009, 10:47 PM
Now, that would put the rubber to the road!!!
What does the groove slug at in the Enfield? I had heard it was generous. I do not have one so I have no clue.
Rather than size down to .301, which will be a chore, try .308. With two wraps of Meade Traceing paper, then size to .311 if it fits the whole rig. Three wraps will give .3135. You might consider that also, to size to .311.
I can only go to 100yds at my range. I cannot attend when the IMHSA range is open. I have never tried beyond that.
In my .308, I use 40.4gns of 4895. Another thing I do is make my castings HARD.
I have found three wraps of Meade is a good stable wrap. I use the Lee 180gn .30cal for my .30s. I believe the 200 might have been better. My loading is starting loads for jacketeds. I tried that before I came to the forum with gas checked castings.
Blech! 20min of berm if I was lucky. With paper though it is radically different. I can crank those dudes out there. With my hard castings, I have not been able to recover any fired rounds. They fragment on impact.
I started with Meade Traceing paper. It did real well in my .30s. I went to 8 X 11 printer paper and have done my .30s, and .303 with that. Both size real well also.
Case life has been real good with paper patching. I am still on my original cases. I have loaded from the magazine and fired a round of five cartridges. No issues.
The first ones you try will embarass you. Untill you find your size. I found my size in the .303 by accident. .3135 was loose, .314 was dead on. Slightly larger and it opened up again. I only have a sizer for .314, so I tried it with paper. I believe something with final sizing helps stability in my rifles. I do not know for certain if it sizes down the inner casting, or planishes the paper. Either way, it does help.
Good luck, definately take photos. I will be posting some when I can.
I do not crimp the necks, although I use a Lee FCD to compress it. I set the die short of crimping. I neck size also.
Good luck.

03-20-2009, 08:39 AM
A correctly alloyed paper patch bullet can be loaded just like a jacketed bullet and will give the same accuracy, maybe better. A 311284 and H4831 can easily get 2600fps. A BHN of 15/15.5 should work good for what you are doing.

03-20-2009, 11:43 AM
I should have read this thread before starting my other one. I plan on trying silhouettes with my Rem. 700 30-06 and the 200 gr. Lee boolit. I'll keep an eye on this thread too.

03-20-2009, 01:34 PM
It has the original 5 groove barrel which by a somewhat convoluted method (not V-block) comes out at 0.301 x 0.311. The main problem is that there is no Leade or throat to speak of. The rifling starts right at the end of the case neck. Anything cast over 0.311 does not chamber.

Plenty of good info. I should be able to get something worked up for next month ( matches are every 3rd Saturday) tomorrow is too soon.

Thanks a bunch:-D


03-20-2009, 05:16 PM
Both of my Ishapores are the same. I have tried sizing to .301 in them and I have found, in my MilSurp rifles, size it to .308, then wrap and size to .309.
In my A&B Barrel, both ways work equally well.
I wrap to just above when the boolitt starts to blend to the tip. I have wrapped to just above the crimp groove, half way, and all the way to the blend. Today, I wrap rather high.