View Full Version : Bullet Tension Question

02-21-2009, 08:25 PM
Did a search for bullet tension for cast bullets and nothing found. Got a question about how much is needed in rifle.
Here is the background. Just got a Pacnor 35 cal 6 gr. 18 Twist barrel and chambered it on a Mod 70 in 358 Winchester.
I formed some cases and used a mandrell expander to expand the case mouths to .3585 as bullets just partially sized are running .3595. I can seat them by hand. I am running 357446 Lyman and the 222 gr. Lyman mold for the 357 Maximum with no gas checks.

I started off with Red Dot, no luck. Went to 700X no luck then went to 2400 and it started grouping. Wound up with it printing subsonic loads under a inch at 50 yards with the 222 grain mold.

I want to stay in the subsonic range. I have not detected the first sign of leading.

All kinds of unburned propellent left in barrel. My next session I will be trying 4759 and might get some N120 or N130.

I am seating the bullets by hand and they slide right in case mouth and stop on first grease groove partition. The 222s are left long to seat them when bolt is closed.

I want to move out to longer ranges. Am I going to be better off maybe reducing the neck diameter to .358" and getting some resistance seating or am I at the right place. These semi wadcutter rounds have to be placed in the chamber because the flat nose hits the barrel face quick.

Anybody got any experience with 358 Win with cast bullets they could pass on would be appreciated.