View Full Version : A Hearty Thanks

04-04-2005, 05:39 PM
To Lyman Corp. for sending me 4 new die retaining nuts for my sizer. In the casting equipment forum I posted last week about the retaining nut breaking on my 4500 sizer.....4 times now this has happened.....

I sent a fax to Lyman customer service, described the problem, and ended the note with "A remedy would be appreciated". The remedy came in the mail today, 4 new nuts and a catalogue. They obviously looked up my past order for nuts as I faxed them from the shop and did not give my home mail address on the fax, yet the package came here.

At any rate, thought I would do them the favor of speaking well of them in this matter as they could just as easily have done nothing. It is good to do business with people who back their product. Gonna send them a note of thanks as well. Thank you Lyman :D