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12-27-2005, 04:25 AM
i have the above rifle and would like load reccomendations for 250 & 286gr cast bullets in this rifle. have ordered the dies from midway (hornady two die set) and hopefully will get this grand old girl shooting in the not too distant future. Priced dies from redding, 4D, and Hornady with the intention of getting a three die set.
Talk about sticker shock. Redding wanted about $140, 4D was about $150 and Hornady was $67 for the two die set and they would make a neck die for an additional $87. Ouch. So will have to make up a shorty neck die from some 7/8x14
threaded rod I have. I have 5744, 4759, 2400, 4227. But if anyone can reccomend powders I'd be a very happy camper. Frank

Bass Ackward
12-27-2005, 07:38 AM

The way I figure it, you have your hands on another balanced cartridge to bore ratio. Meaning that there is no advantage to using jacketed bullets over cast. That also means that powder selection is wide open to you as long as you select appropriately for speed and weight.

But from the ones you mention, it seems that you are mostly looking for "cast" type loads.

If no one here can produce any help, I can get you anything you want as long as you have a set of verniers. Just use the PM feature.

What does your throat look like? How long is the ball seat / freebore and how wide?

12-28-2005, 04:14 AM
Bass Ackward, like the handle. Haven't yet slugged the bbl. Some roughness in the throat.
Spent quite some time scrubbing the bbl. I am looking for cast boolit info regarding this cartridge. This is the one I bought from sarco. Kinda like the old time look, has schnabble forend and is marked husquvarna 9.3 x 57 on top of bbl. Supposedly mine is the 146 model
made prior to ww2. So it must have had more than a passing aquaintance with corrosive ammo. From what I have read husky imported actions from fn to make up these rifles. Think
midsouth has 286gr j bullets at $90 or so per 500. May buy some to try and smooth up the bbl a little. Thanks Frank

Bass Ackward
12-28-2005, 07:38 AM
Bass Ackward, like the handle. Haven't yet slugged the bbl. Some roughness in the throat.
Spent quite some time scrubbing the bbl. I am looking for cast boolit info regarding this cartridge.


I am using Quickload and that was what I based the offer off of. It delivers an infinite number of options with either type of bullet. But it doesn't have the measurements for cast bullets, so that is why you need the verniers. The invitation is open.


12-29-2005, 04:13 AM
Bass Ackward, just received 100 250gr cast boolits from a generous donator and squoosed a few in a machinest's vice to fatten them up. Will slug the bbl later today and post the measurements. Also purchased some 286gr's from Bullshop. So am waiting for those as well. Thanks, Frank

12-30-2005, 06:12 AM
..........Since you have the same case capacity as the 8x57 but with a larger bore, any 8x57 load would be safe with like weight 9.3 slugs.

After I'd had my custom Lee 240gr 8mm mould a couple days I thought it could reach 2300 fps. No reason for it, and I have no idea where that number came from, other then it just fluttered through my head one day. I have a Turk M38/46 (24" bbl) in really great shape that's a very fine shooter, so I decided to use it for the test. I have a M38 too, with a 29" bbl so figured I might reach the speed sooner in it, but it isn't as accurate.

After some thought I figured the WC852 (slow) I had would be the best choice to go with. It's at or a bit slower then current H4831, but not by much. Since WC852 of any kind is NLA, I'd suggest 4831 as a powder to start with. I finally DID reach the magic 2300 fps I set as the goal and had the gollywobbles smacked outta myself in the later part of the journey 8).

Be sure the action is well bedded and set up for recoil. Somewhere along the line the stock behind the action of that rifle split. It's fixed now so you can't hardly even tell. However I'd have been much happier had it never happened. The stock wood was rather dry. There at the end I was putting the WC852 ball powder in the case with a 24" drop tube. I sure didn't want to drop back to 4350 and start all over, ha!


12-31-2005, 04:15 AM
Buckshot, the stock on my husky is very dry and is of european type with small forend and schnabble forend. Will have to glass bed the receiver ring before I attempt your loads.
I remember a guy back home who used to shoot cast boolits in his moisin nagant rifles. Basically he used a caseful of 4831 and did those rifles shoot. And since this was a few years before the flood of mil-surps his moisin was almost in mint condition. I'm posting the bore dimensions so if anyone else wants to throw some ideas my way.
throat .369-.370, land to land .355-.356, groove .368-.369, freebore is a MK1 eyeballed at about 5/16". Will have to redo some slugs to get a better handle on this dimension. Funny thing, at this point my lyman 375 gas checked mold for my 375 win is starting to look like it may work.Bullet wt is about 265grs. Happy New Year to all. Frank

01-11-2006, 12:05 PM

Late addition here.......Your rifle's bore form follows that of the CZ to some extent. My CZ has tall rifling lands like yours, .007" and .366"/.352" groove/land diameters in 4-groove Mauser pattern. Throat is .3665" dia., and about .300" long.

I would offer some of the MM 270 grain castings I have, but they fall out at ~.368", so I don't know if they're big enough to fit well. Your call. PM me if you'd like some samples. Your .375" design might be the ticket, as you indicate.