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12-14-2019, 01:22 AM

12-14-2019, 06:57 AM
As seller is not set up for paypal I will withdraw my offer to buy. Thank you Mike in Peru

Good morning
If you can take paypal I will buy the caliber 40 old.. PM follows Will ship to ILL-inois.
Mike in LLama Land

12-16-2019, 12:02 AM
Lower priced, package deal added.

12-16-2019, 01:42 PM
What's the bullet weights thrown by those molds?

I'd look them up at the NEI web site's catalog, but it appears the web site has been taken down, as I can't get past some other company's attempt to sell some bogus software application having nothing to do with bullet molds!

Thanks, garrisonjoe

12-16-2019, 09:59 PM
These look to never been used, so I know little - think NEI folded up a few years back when a principal passed on. Saw a similar .45 mold on the site that must not be named claiming 485 grains. Missionary above may know the specs on the .40.

If I have 'em much longer, I may cast something in 'em, but I have no firearm that either would be useful in at present.

12-17-2019, 12:10 AM
Yep, I have a mold that Walt Melander made when he was back in Oregon, before he moved the shop to El Paso. Sad to see that his daughter's attempt to keep the company running has folded.

But if the .45 caliber mold's bullet cavity length measures about 1.24", I could conclude that one of those 485 numbers on the mold actually is a bullet weight (used as the model number).

Thanks, great looking mold, just a little heavy for my needs, garrisonjoe

12-18-2019, 03:54 PM
New LOW LOW price ! Make these your Christmas present !
$110 DELIVERED USA for both !

12-19-2019, 01:34 AM
is the top mould the .45 mould?

12-19-2019, 04:27 PM
Rick, the bottom is the .458 mold . On my end, if I put cursor on pic, can see name. Didn't know if it worked that way on your end !

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