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12-06-2019, 12:07 PM
Vs: 3D Printed Dillon Press Upgrades
Let my last ad lapse so here goes again
3D Printed Dillon Press Upgrades

Dillon 650 Ski Ramp fixes
You are ordering the dark Blue part .. The light blue part is the stock Dillon ramp
Slides over the existing ramp
Stop picking those primers up off the floor


Primer rod holders
Simple and easy way to store the alarm rod while refilling primer.
Snaps on the shaft


Powder Measure knobs Marked or Unmarked
easy way to adjust the measure with a visual clue as to how much you have adjusted Fits tightly over the adjusting nut .
larger for easier turning
again you can order either marked or unmarked
Far left knob is the hardware store knob for reference


and die wrenches
Nut is pictured so you can see the fit
easy way to snug up the die without leaving a mark


any of the above are $9.00 each INCLUDING Shipping in the US

Payment by paypal to smoke .... at ... paintballkingdom... dot ... com
Please include your name, address and what you want in the paypal comments section

or call me at 704 624 7320 from 10AM to 6PM EST with credit card info


12-06-2019, 11:43 PM
+1 positive review on these parts. Have one of the knobs on each powder measure as well as the primer ramp block and primer rod holder and all function fantastic. Thanks for the great addons