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11-13-2019, 09:58 PM
Dies for sale, individual pix available on request. Payment via USPS money order. No trades at this time. Usual rules, first I’ll take it followed up with a pm.

12/13/19 update process include shipping per box, Multiples will be priced accordingly to cut rate and agreed upon by both parties

7mm Rem Mag set $30
7mm Rem Mag form die $20
338 Win Mag RCBS size die Lyman seat die $30
243 Neck size die $20
243 Win set with form die $40
22-308 Neck size die $20 Sold to maxreloader
22-308 Set damaged primer rod/no expanding ball $30 Sold to maxreloader
Herters 243 neck size and visible seat die no box $20

11-13-2019, 10:26 PM
If these come in the factory box I'll take:
22-308 Neck size die $20
22-308 Set damaged primer rod/no expanding ball $30
PM on the way!

11-15-2019, 05:13 PM
max... your inbox is full and I have received no PM

All dies except as noted are in the original boxes

11-20-2019, 01:03 PM
Updated bump... these are all in great condition

12-02-2019, 09:23 PM
Bump Edited

12-02-2019, 09:59 PM
Got my dies and they were exactly as described. I'm happy as a pig in... :bigsmyl2: I see a wildcat build in my near future!

12-13-2019, 01:50 PM
Bump and all prices now include single item shipping

Multiples will be priced accordingly