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11-18-2005, 11:04 PM
Ok, so i'm out trolling and find a website selling these boolits,look further,and goodness here's a bulk boolit maker producing oversize slugs for the old(or new) 44's and 38/55's ,many diameter choices available for 44's and up to .380 for the 38/55: downside ,all plain base,and strange black lube.. anyone try some of these ?????? (also this firm--Pathfinder Sports-- offering FREE shipping of boolit order if $ 70.00 or more bought....???? Onceabull

David R
11-18-2005, 11:34 PM
BUY cast boolits? Who me? The guy that has thousands in the garage just waiting to be sized and lubed? Nope not me.

Sorry, I have never used Bear creek boolits.


11-19-2005, 01:34 AM
I've got a couple or three boxes of BC bullets from before I became a caster. Some of the local gun shops stock them regularly. The 38 specials SWC's someone gave me didn't work for either of us, the 32-40's haven't been tried except as plinkers (in 32 Special), but the Saeco 322's worked very well for me in my Marlin 1894CL in 32-20. Just as well as my own cast versions of this same bullet, and this despite being beat around in a box with 499 other bullets. The moly lube worked fine too, although now I'm hearing bad things about it - hard to get out of the bore, apparently. Didn't bother me any. Stan