View Full Version : WTS Ruger Frontier stainless laminated caliber .358 Winchester

06-19-2017, 10:32 AM

I purchased this Ruger Frontier new, and have fired it 290 times, always with cast bullets. It has never fired a jacketed bullet since the factory proofing. I am offering it here, instead of one of the gun auction sites, because it would please me to place it in the hands of a fellow cast bullet shooter.

This little carbine is stainless steel with a laminated stock. It is fitted with a 4X Weaver scout scope in Ruger mounts. No box, just the scoped rifle. It is clean, and has seen range use only.

You may have it for $850 plus $35 shipping - for a total of $885 shipped to the FFL of your choice. Now, this is a firm price, and I won't budge - so please, no counter offers or trades.

Please do make certain that your FFL will accept a firearm from an individual - some will, but many won't. Obviously, this is important!

Friends, if you purchase this you accept all risks of ownership and use, and agree to accept it "as is". I am not offering a return privilege.

I will be happy to share load data with the new owner, and can provide dies, molds, and brass at attractive prices if desired.



Best regards, Bill

06-21-2017, 10:50 PM