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06-17-2017, 01:00 PM
Recently acquired these from a fellow forum member but we just got whacked with another medical bill for our baby girl so they've gotta go. I didn't have a chance to swage anything with these and they are a little unique from what I can tell.

Comes with a .380 core swage die, with a rather unique punch. Also has what I assume is a core seating die or at least it is marked C, and two point form dies. The main 3 die set is definitely by Richard, I recognize his handwriting on the engraving from my other dies. However, I have no idea where the 2nd point form came from. It's set up for a Walnut Hill but doesn't look like anything I've ever seen Richard make before. See photos for specs on the dies.

This might require a punch or two to be fully functional. Though it looks like you can at least get a core, swage to size, and then make a lead bullet. I'm not sure if it was designed for jacketed or not. My gut tells me lead or half jacketed because of the hollow base punch. I'll try to get as much info as possible but I am not a machinist and my measuring tools are somewhat limited compared to one.

I have $425 in the entire set and that's what I'd like to sell them for. Considering 2 point form dies I think it is an excellent deal even if it's a bit of a project. As I understand it, these were used very little and mostly just sat around. The insides look to be in excellent condition and well polished.

Full set of dies includes

Core swaging die, .380 punch size for hollowbase?

I'm guessing this is to form the hollowbase and swage the core up to size before pointing. Though with the right punch I guess it could seat a core into a half jacket as well? Punch is labeled 458 HB and mics out at .455

RCE Point form die. Punch is labeled 458 P, mics at .457

No clue who made this. I haven't tried to detach the punch from the giant punch holder/T handle contraption. The punch mics at maybe .4565 (Using my Combimic) and there is a corner that is a bit rounded like maybe it was dropped. Good news is the RCE punch fits well into this point form die. They look to be the same profile from the etching but have different sized bottom punches.

That's about as much info as I have on them. The gentleman I got them from was a little light on details. I'll do my best if you need more info but hopefully these are priced right as is. Shipping is included in the $425 price.

06-19-2017, 06:40 AM
Monday bump. Heck I'll take a bit of a loss and sell for $400. That's what the core swage and a single point form die would cost I believe.

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06-21-2017, 08:13 AM
Ok folks... $380. I know you swage guys have seen this by now. These will clean up just find. Only real issue is the extra punch for point form and that's really not needed anyways. Let's get these gone

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06-21-2017, 03:11 PM
I am interested in them Pm sent.