View Full Version : Wts/WTT: Lyman 4c 358311 mold

06-10-2017, 05:24 PM
So I've got the worlds most boring mold. It's a Lyman 4C 358311, that's a 160 gr RN boolit. This mold rains boolits with no fuss, no muss. Just a light tap or two and four perfect boolits fall from the mold. I love this thing. It's one of the few multi-cavity Lyman molds I own that doesn't have at least one sticky cavity. The problem is I just don't shoot enough of this boolit to really do it justice. If I was a CAS shooter I'd be very happy to have this mold. I've only got one .38 spl revolver and a .357 revolver. I haven't found a sucker, sorry, victim, sorry again, person that wants to trade me a .357 lever gun for my Marlin built .44 Mag lever gun.

I'd be interested in a trade for a 4C in .45 ACP, or a partial trade for a plain base 2C .44. Otherwise I'll take $55 + shipping. Feel free to make me an offer for any molds that will cast boolits for firearms in my .sig line.

06-10-2017, 05:34 PM
Will take this for 55 plus shipping.