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03-29-2017, 05:55 PM
I just curious how the post count on my profile is determined.

Also, are there some rules about posting links, specifically ebay? In a thread about thermometers, I posted a link to one I bought off ebay and the mod removed the link, but other posts had links to items for sale on other sites (i.em Amazon).


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03-30-2017, 01:10 AM
heads up links are okay.
for sale on E-bay [or elsewhere at the same time as here] is a no-no.
we make fun of E-bay stuff all the time.
[remember sometimes a moderator can be a bit zealous or cautious depending on how they read the post with the link]

your post count is determined by posts you make, except the ones in this section.
the ones in the S&S section count initially, but go away after the thread is closed/moved to the sold area, or in about a month.

to do a for sale add you need to meet the minimum post count, and the minimum time frame.
adding dumb stuff like 'me too' or 'plus one' type posts do not count towards S&S posts.
we do that so other members can gauge you a little bit before buying from you.
and if you barely make the minimum count with dumb posts most of them will be removed along with your ad.

07-11-2017, 08:42 AM
I need to update and clarify the post from RunFiveRun.

Ebay links generally aren't allowed because we have no way of knowing if you are pushing your own auction or not.
Generally speaking links to other places are allowed provided it isn't to a website you operate.
So if you see a really good deal and want to show your friends then post the link.

Post count- There are two sections that posts do not count in. Swap & Sell and THE PIT.
Any post in those sections aren't counted in your overall post count.
If you do list something up for sale in the S&S and your at 30 posts then your posts may be reviewed for their content but most of the time you will be fine.

Now - this is IMPORTANT.
Please read over the rules of the Swap & Sell section. They are subject to change as gray areas are found and loop holes closed.