View Full Version : Boolits for a 41mag Marlin

07-01-2016, 03:31 PM
I have a couple of saeco moulds a tc and a rnfp.Both work 100%
I have tried the Lee semi wad and also still have a Lee wfn GB mould from way back.
Neither of these feed- too snicky- even after playing with oal.
Anyone used the Lyman 41032 or the NOE 412-224 swc?
I just fancy some sort of SWC boolit.

Only ever used for paper punching at 1000fps.


07-01-2016, 07:10 PM
you need a length from the crimp groove to the nose of no more than .31
try this one.

07-01-2016, 07:21 PM
Ranch Dog made a mold for the Marlin 1894FG 41 MAG and once upon a time I had one of those rifles a 1894CCL also in 41 MAG and the RD mold . Sad to say I sold both the rifles without ever shooting a cast bullet in either . I also sold the mold .

I had the Lyman SWC GC mold as well . Bought a brand new Lyman right after I got the FG but wasn't able to acquire the correct GC at the time it was before I knew about Gator checks . I will say the FG did very nicely on paper with the Nosler 210 gr HP . If memory serves I shot the Hornady XTP in the CCL .

Woulda love to have tried both the cast bullets in that CCL rifle and of course killed a deer with them but sometimes stuff doesn't come together when you want blah blah blah .

07-01-2016, 07:30 PM
Someone on here made a kinda shrunk 429640 for the 41 cal if memory serves they called it a 410640 . I always thought that one would have been kinda nice if I still had some 41 MAG rifles .

07-01-2016, 08:35 PM
41032 does not work in my 1894 FG; however, 41028 feed very smoothly.
And....both my 41028 single cavity molds drop at .414.

07-01-2016, 10:38 PM
I have a couple of the ranch dog molds (TLC-411-255-RF) not for sale.
The cycle excellent in my Marlin 1894s 41 mag.

In general, gas checks are an issue with 41 cal...there are more than a few different sizes. I never found a 'standard' available GC to fit these Ranch Dog molds, I had some custom GCs made by Sagebrush7 for my RD mold.

PM me if you want to try some sample boolits.

birddog 6
07-01-2016, 11:08 PM
Try RCBS; I can't think of the number but I believe they only make 1 mold for the 41's. It works well in my FG.

07-02-2016, 07:54 PM
I have the RCBS 41-210 mold and it does not feed well in my Marlin1894FG. The semiwadcutter shoulder hangs up on the chamber mouth.Single loaded it shoots better than any of my other 3 41 caliber molds.

07-02-2016, 11:14 PM
Mihec's 412640 is a good one as is the NOE WFN. The rounded profiles load like butter.