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10-24-2005, 04:59 PM
Up to now I've been preheating on the edge of the lead pot, but it does leave a few things to be desired. On my Lyman 10lb pot there is only a limited amount of room; it kind of makes it hard to refill the pot if a mold is heating and there is not enough room for preheating (2) 4 cavity molds for sure. For me, heating on the edge of the pot seems to leave the top of the mold cool and about a dozen cast are required sometimes to get good boolits.

I've been hiding an old toaster oven from SWMBO for some time now; keeping it for a potential heat treating project. I managed to put it into use on Saturday for preheating my molds. The door was left open and the handles were allowed to stick out. A piece of sheet metal took the place of the door to keep some of the heat in. I set the toaster oven to 400deg at the same time I turned on the lead pot. Most of the molds I cast from were filling out great on the first or second cast with frosty boolits. Any disruption that would have allowed the mold to cool and I put it back into the oven. Definitely a permanent addition to my casting equipment; put 3-4 molds in at the start of a session and then switch from one to another with little interruption to rhythm.

I would think if you water drop this would also assure that your first boolits are as hard as the rest of your production.

10-24-2005, 08:51 PM
I use a hot plate with a plate of 1/4 in steel. I need to put a hood over it yet to keep some of the heat in, but I normally get good bullets from the first set, even in 30 degree weather. I cast in an un heated shed during the winter. This year I have a propane heater in there to try and keep me at least a little warm!