View Full Version : Anyone using Lil Gun in .30-06 or .223 with cast?

Patrick L
02-17-2016, 05:35 PM
Just curious, I've used 2400 for years as a cast .30-06 powder, as well as for .357 magnum pistol, .44 magnum pistol, and .410 shotshell. I recently tried it for .223 cast and got good results there too. I like powders that I can use for multiple applications. I prefer to buy an 8# as opposed to a pound of this, a pound of that etc.

Anyhow, as 2400 gets harder and harder to find, I tried Lil Gun for my .410 skeet loads to stretch my current supply of 2400. I liked it a lot. I see lots of data listed for magnum pistol applications, so was wondering how it would do as a cast rifle powder. I would be willing to switch to either that or IMR 4227, as both work for .410 and magnum pistols.

Anyone with any experience using it in .30-06 or .223?

Big Boomer
02-22-2016, 06:10 PM
Haven't tried 2400 yet (have some but not much) but there are those on this site that swear by it. Regarding Li'l Gun, there may be another cheap substitute in the form of W820. I bought several lbs. back in the early to mid 1990s and still have a good supply. My batch of W820 is @ 13% slower than 2400 and about that percentage faster than H110 (though there are other lots I am told that are almost identical to H110). Li'l Gun is very close to H110 and W296 according to the charts I've seen. I also have some W680 that I have tried in my .223/5.56s successfully (Mini-14, Rem. 788 & T/C Super 14). Some disagree with using faster-than-recommended powders in any rifle caliber and suggest going with very slow rifle powders instead. Search the threads and you will find the info you desire ... or just wait and someone with experience will jump in. Big Boomer