View Full Version : Hit the Jackpot

03-26-2005, 02:04 AM
Went out to the store today and decided to stop at the gun shop and order a set of Lee Dies for my 7.5x55 Swiss. While there I looked at the discount table and there was a gallon size zip lock bag full of goodies marked Two dollars for the following: A Uncle Mikes adjustable Pour spout for a flask. A Power belt bullet pack (Trial package) With 4 of their bullets each in 45,50, and 54 cal. Baslistic tip and hollow point copper except two of the 54 cal were lead. a box of Hornady Great Plains bullets hollowpoint 390 grain 54 cal. ( ( 9 out of 15 left) and a box of Buffalo Ballets 54 cal half full about 25. ( I always wanted to try these in my ball shooter but did not want to pay the price of a box) A Remington Cyclone bullet quick starter in 54 cal and 2 extra packages of the 3 pack cyclone shells for quick reloading in 54 cal. I figure I got at least 30 bucks worth of gear for 2 bucks. Kinda made my day. Jim