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01-03-2016, 11:27 PM
Case Re-forming to smaller caliber

remove decapping unit from full length size die of caliber to be made

lube as fired (to be formed) case around the head end third

run (to be formed) case into full length size die of caliber to be made, until original shoulder touches shoulder of die. set the die here and run entire batch of brass to be formed, with all cases lubed like the first

when entire batch has been ran at setting #1 turn sizing die into the press 1/4 turn and run the entire batch at this setting

watch neck and shoulder of brass for dents wrinkles and creases, wipe lube off of shoulder region of brass after each forming step to prevent dents wrinkles and creases

each forming step is a 1/4 turn of the size die into the press
until shell holder positively connects with sizing die. re-install decapping unit to deprime brass. with the last case of the batch still in the die reset the decapping unit so as the expander ball is firmly against th inside of case shoulder. run the batch at this setting

trim the batch of brass to specified trim length

outside neck turn or inside ream the batch

enjoy loading

this is the way I found works best for me,
and the simplest way I can explain it

01-04-2016, 01:19 AM
If they are close, you can get away with just sizing in one step. Until I found a reasonable source of 32 WS brass I used 30-30 brass for my 32 WS. For those, you just put the 30-30 case in the 32 WS sizing die and pull the handle-- one step done.

01-04-2016, 03:36 PM
That is the sneak up method I use to form 40-65 from 45-70.
When forming 6.5 Dutch that method will often telescope the neck back down into the case.

I had to go check my notes on the following:
I use new .303 british brass to form 6.5 Dutch brass.
When forming 6.5 Dutch I have to use several intermediate dies but they do not require the sneak up method.
The neck of the .303 starts at about .330 -
I use a 7.35 Carcano FL die to push the shoulder of a .303 case back. This die forms the neck to .317
Then a 6.5 Carcano trim die is used to neck it down more. This die takes the neck down to .297.

those dies are enough to prepare the case for the last couple of stages of sizing

I use a 6.5X53R RCBS trim die to do the final forming This makes the neck .290
then the cases are sized in a 6.5X53R FL die and the necks are reduced to .284.

This is a lot of steps but they are easy steps and this was new brass. I got a 100% yield and scrapped NO brass.

I only described these steps to show the other method to consider if brass collapses the neck and shoulder when you try to sneak it down with a single die.
For the 6.5 Dutch cartridge I started with a lot of once fired .303 Brass of various brands. All of the Remington and Winchester brass would collapse when I tried to form them. About half of the Federal brass would collapse.
By using multiple dies I was able to to form any brand of brass without collapsing my brass. At that time I had enough confidence that I could form the new brass without any casualties.

01-04-2016, 07:07 PM
this is the method i use for 223-222rem and 30-06-257rbts and 8mm maus to 308 or 243 one step crushing with those calibers is just that for me crushing so i get the brass used to the idea of being another caliber

01-04-2016, 07:28 PM
Good description, Littlewolf! It's how I form calibers I don't have trim & form dies for, e.g., .30-06 -> .243Win. (did some of those earlier today/have done it that way for years).