View Full Version : 1842 Rifled .69 Musket

10-12-2005, 03:21 PM
I just bought one of the from ArmiSport and a new Lyman mini mould. With 60 grains of 2F it shoots 8" groups at 50 yards. With 60 grains and a .680 round ball it shoots a ragged hole at 35 yards. The minie's weigh 738 grains. I would like to deer hunt with it this year. Need better accuracy. thanks, JAP

10-12-2005, 06:11 PM
Uh, that would be called a "clue" where I used to work. That RB load sounds like it has some possibilities, for sure.

10-12-2005, 07:57 PM
Paper work with gun calls for 60 grains of 2F and the 738 grain minie. Are they twisted wrong? moodyholler

10-12-2005, 10:40 PM
Hey check the minne dia as cast. All the Lyman moulds I have seen drop them at .685. Most of the Armi sports [smoothbores anyway] run .690-.692 dia. If you can get a .001-.002 undersized minne it will shoot. Rapine does make moulds in .685 and .690.One is a orgional 750gr.type.the other is a 500 gr semi wadcutter minne. That one worked well in my Bill Large barreled 42 at 45 gr ff. Used that combo in N-SSA for years.

10-13-2005, 02:21 AM
.............My 'early on' BP mentor was a guy named Bob, but who was called 3 band Bob for his particular firearm affliction. When I first met him he was helping a buddy of his get a paper cartridge Sharps up and running. Bob himself was shooting a 3 band NYNG Rem RB in 50-70.

At some later point in our shooting history together he came up with an early Lyman import of a 3 band 58 caliber Enfield. I only bring this up because that rifle had to have been one of the most accurate and easy to please 58 cal muskets I have ever handled. I recall one afternoon with him on one side of the bench, and me on the other, taking turns shooting it at the 200 meter plate.

He would shoot it and then hand it to me and I'd load and shoot, then hand it back. We had that plate ringing a tune, believe you me. And that musket got hot, too. We shot the Lee 505gr Minie and used only Crisco for lube and must have fired 40+ rounds out of it before we ran out of caps. Never had a misfire or any other problem.

He sold it to a mutual friend for $500. I asked him why and he gave me 2 reasons. One was because the USMC was never issued 3 band Enfields (he was a former gyreen) and it was boring. Boring because it was acurate and quick to please!

So anyway, he aquired another 3 Band and this was a rifled M1842 69 cal musket. He started out shooting the Lyman Minie' but eventually stopped because he was getting hurt :D. Bob wasn't very tall, but he was a well put togther guy maybe 5'6" or so and the rifle would for sure rock him back some. He was geeting better accuracy with heavier then standard charges.

He is a machinist and at work he made himself a Minie' mould to drop a 625gr slug. With this he could pretty well hold 2" or so for 3-4 shots at 50 yards, but it wasn't a long range proposition. I don't recall what he did with the rifle, and he may still have it. When he shows up at the range now he's shooting a Garand, Krag, or a 1911.