View Full Version : Dry AIr from shop compressor - home made Desiccant holder.

Case Stuffer
07-28-2015, 06:36 PM
I have been using the Motor Guard in-line air dryers but they hold very little desiccant and are not designed to be re activated I ordered a quart of desiccant
ATD-7886 from ADT AIR which arrived today, I had 1-1/4" Schedule 40 PVC and fitting on hand along with the 7/16" drill bit and 1/4 " NPT pipe thread tap so I threw this one together.

ID is 1.380" X 12" length / 18 cu in - ( 10 fluid ounces) so should last many hours. I really need to pick up a PVC fittings which is threaded and a threaded cap so removing media for drying or replacement would be easier.

Orange device is a Motor Guard air dryer which has bronze filters to trap dust as well as color changing desiccant for a easy visual indicator.

PVC is rated at 370 PSI , shop compressor is 150 PSI max and I run regulated out put at 100 PSI for input to my ShoeBox Max.



Clear 1-1/4" X 12" so desiccant is clearly visible , a 2" PVC sleeve which will slip over it to serve as a safety shield. I really do not feel the need for it but cheap insurance as I have no experience with clear PVC. This one has a 1" NPT thread end with black iron plug in one end so easy to remove .dry and replace desiccant beads.