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Chev. William
07-25-2015, 10:41 PM
For the Past many months i have chronicling my experiments making .25 Stevens and Lengthened .25ACP cases from .22 Hornet Brass.

Lately I have been SUCCESSFUL in reforming a Shorter Rimless Candidate Case to my needs.

This is the 5.7x28mm Rimless 'once fired' Brass case.

Here is a photo of my 5.7x28mmRimmless Reforming to 6.35, or 6.52, x28mmSR basic cases.

http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz316/chevwilliam/WJS%20Photos/Resized%205.7x28mm%20to%206.35x28mmSR%2001_zps8swo kiol.jpg

Tools used and Stage samples of resizing 5.7x28mm Cartridge cases.
Back Row From Left: 5.7x28mm Shell Holder; .25ACP Shell Holder; Small Primer Pocket Swage Punch; Stripper cup with 3/16" Fender Washer attached; First Stage (.300") Carbide Resizing die; Second Stage (.288") Carbide Resizing die; Third Stage (.276"/.25ACP) Carbide Sizing die. Front Row from Left: 5.7x28mmRimless Case as Received; Neck Expanded using a .2500" diameter punch; First Stage Resize; Second Stage Resize; Third stage resize before removing Displaced/sheared bras ring form extractor groove; Finished Resized 6.35x28mmSR basic case.

These Cases are reasonable in availability and affordability at this time.

The tooling is reasonable in price as Lee Will Custom open a Standard .25ACP Carbide Sizing die to the desire dimension for a charge of $30.00 per Die and Diameter, if you do not have the die Lee will Sell one for $28.98 with Shipping extra.

Shell Holder(s) are Cheap.

The RCBS Combo 2 "Primer Pocket Swaging Tool Kit" is about $60.00 as of last I looked.

A 3/16 inch nominal Bore Fender washer is also Cheap.

A Suitable Size and length Pin Punch must be modified from Commercial available ones.
I used a 6"x3/16" Roll pin Punch turned in a lathe to taper the tip down to about .175" to clear the tapered inside of the Resized case and the body machined to clear the top threads of the Lee sizing die (the punch is use to remove the sized case from the die as it must be sized down to the Top of the Rim.

These Cases are factory Coated to reduce friction and the Coating seems to survive through my Multiple step Sizing/forming process.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

07-25-2015, 11:09 PM
I had idly wondered how you lapped the carbide sizing ring when I read your post in the rimfire section. Thanks for clearing that up.

It does sound like a reasonably inexpensive way to make unobtainable cases.


Chev. William
07-27-2015, 02:37 PM
I Am Placing an order for one bag (1000 ea. Once Fired Cases) of 5.7x28mm Brass for Reforming.
The List price is shown as $58 plus.

I think these will keep me busy for a While.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

As of Wednesday, the 1000 piece 'Once Fired" case order is on the way from "Monmouth Brass" for $72.46 including shipping and Insurance. Chev. William

Chev. William
08-12-2015, 05:10 PM
More progress on this project.
The bag of 1000 "Once Fired" empty 5.7x28mm cases arrived.
Found a sample batch (about 50) de-primed with a little difficulty, then my Lee Universal Decapper Broke!
Looking at the broken pin tip I noticed it was worn down over most of its length. checked with a Dial Caliper and the tip now measures .060"-.062" and the little piece near the shank measures about .070"-.080" depending on where I measure.

Lee says they NOW make the pins as a single piece item out of 'Stressproof' (1144) Steel and are TAPERED from a .062" tip end to .080" at the 'shank' end, the shank now measures about .203" diameter.

I find the New design will stop partially in the Flash Hole of these cartridges and the primer cup is NOT knocked free to drop. So I unscrew the de-cap die, insert a 1/16" (.062") pin punch and 'swat' it with a hammer to knock the cup loose and release the case from my Shell holder.

I looks like I will be making some custom de-cap pins to fit these Cases.
I an now drilling the Flash Holes with a 5/64" drill Bit to get future clearance to the Lee Tapered de-cap pins AFTER getting the Spent primers out.

Best Regarsds,
Chev. William

Chev. William
08-12-2015, 05:30 PM
Sample 6.35x32mmSR Cartridge with 74 grain Lead RFN GC .252" Dia. Bullet.
http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz316/chevwilliam/6%2035%20and%206%2052%20Variants%20on%205%207x28mm %20Brass%20Cases/6.35X32mmSR%2074grain%20%20Lead%20RFN%20GC%20at%20 42mm%20OAL%2002_zpsrngw0zmc.png
I am finding variations in the final reformed length of the cases with Case length varying form about 1.215" minimum to 1.251" maximum so far.
Since I am thinking of listing the design with a 32mm (1.259") maximum case length and a Tolerance band of +0.0/-1.016mm (+0.0"/-0.040"), almost all of the cases so far would be 'usable', especially if no Crimp is applied (OK for Single Shot use but not good for lever action Rifles or handguns of either Semi-Automatic or Revolver Design).
Overall length with either a 50 grain FMJ or a 74 grain Lead RFN GC bullet is running 1.500" to 1.510" but I am thinking of specifying 42mm (1.653+") to allow for Spire Tip bullets with a long radius ogive.
The 1.500" length seats the 74 grain Deeply into the case so maybe seating it out further would be a good Idea.

I do run the loaded cartridges through my sizing die to Insure No Bulges in these Experimental Loads. I will experiment with not doing that AFTER I have developed Loading data other than the Starting Level one so far.

STARTING Load Recipes so far:
1. 74 grain bullet; 1.0 grain; Bullseye; WSP primer; 1.50" nominal OAL.
2. 74 grain bullet; 1.1 grain; Bullseye; WSP primer; 1.50" nominal OAL.
3. 50 grain bullet; 1.2 grain; Bullseye; WSP primer; 1.50" nominal OAL.
4. 50 grain bullet; 1.3 grain; Bullseye; WSP primer; 1.50" nominal OAL.
5. 50 grain bullet: 1.4 grain; Bullseye; WSP primer; 1.50" nominal OAL.
6. 50 grain bullet; 1.5 grain; Bullseye; WSP primer; 1.50' nominal OAL.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
08-24-2015, 03:14 AM
Today I submitted my "Mildcat" cartridge design to "Ammoguide International" under the name "6.35x32mmSR STEWART".
Maximum Case trim length is specified as 1.250" +0.005/-0.040".
Maximum overall length (spire point bullet) is 1.653".
Bullet intended range: 35 grain JHP to 120 grain Spire point.

Now to wait and hope the design is accepted for Listing.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Bent Ramrod
08-24-2015, 05:26 PM
That's great work, Chev. William. I have a baggie of 5.7 x 28 range pickups around here somewhere and am glad to hear that it can be swaged into a .25 Stevens Centerfire. I had tried the .22 Hornet route, but these more modern cases might have better primer pocket reinforcement. I used them way back when in a .25 Stevens Low Wall with a centerfire breechblock, and as I recall, it wasn't hard to go overpressure with loadings.

So how do they shoot? Have you fired any groups?

My own experiments with nail driver blanks have kind of stalled with this move I made, but I hope to get back to them when I'm unpacked and organized.

Chev. William
08-24-2015, 06:39 PM
The Center fire Stevens '44' conversion and the Stevens 'Favorite' Center fire conversion are Still in the hands of my gunsmith.
Rim Fire Favorites in .22 and .25 are Back and have been test fired only so far. I have been 'short of extra Funds' for trips to my Local Commercial Range as I have had no work this year yet.
As yet I have no Chronograph 'kit' I can take with me and set up at the Range so Velocity measurements are still a no-go for me. I did buy a small Chronograph on sale but still need a mounting for it.

Frustrating but typical for 'retirement' on low fixed/declining purchasing power income stream (Social Security, Mil & VA payments, and two small private sector retirements). Bills and taxes grow faster than any 'cost fo living' increase in SS and Mil/VA payments. the rest are fixed annuities.
At least for now I have VA service connected Healthcare available.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
08-25-2015, 01:06 AM
Today, 05:36 PM
Chev. William (http://castboolits.gunloads.com/member.php?31951-Chev-William) started a thread The 6.35x32mmSR STEWART "Mildcat", a potential Cheap Cartridge to shoot. (http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?286203-The-6-35x32mmSR-STEWART-quot-Mildcat-quot-a-potential-Cheap-Cartridge-to-shoot) in Case Forming / Re-forming


Chev. William
09-03-2015, 12:27 AM
"Ammoguide International" Web Site Added cartridge Number 950 to their Cartridge Database on September 1st. It is my FIRST Published Mildcat/Wildcat Cartridge Design and is titled "6.35x32mmSR STEWART".
Now To Develop and Publish Loads for it.
I am Still Waiting upon the Completion of my Stevens 44 Modified Action converted to Center Fire with both its 30 Long Colt Barrel and a re-purposed .25 R.F/6.35x32mmSR Barrel.
This combination will be used for Load Development up to about 25,000psi (similar to modern RF pressures).
I can use a Stevens Favorite Action converted to Center fire with a .25 R.F./6.35x32mmSR modified chamber Barrel for low to moderate load development.
Eventually I will need to put together a stronger action to develop loads up to the present 50,000psi boundary (same as the Parent Cartridge Pressure limit).
Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
09-06-2015, 05:33 PM
Sunday I spent some time Expanding Necks of 100 Cases; 50 each .22 Hornet New PPU Brass and 50 each 5.7x28mmFN Once Fired FNB Brass.

The Hornet Brass took Three to Four "insert-extract" cycles to expand them with 5 cases 'lost due to 'Bellows Folding' of the Shoulder area.

The 5.7 Brass took One "insert-extract" cycle to expand them; Much Faster work with less Effort to boot.

I then Resized the 50 FNB cases via a three stage Swaging process using sizing Dies to get the Body Diameter down to .276" of the .25ACP/6.35 Browning and .25 Stevens cases, which the 6.35x32mmSR Shares.

The Case length Grew with the Swaging form a nominal 28mm at start to nominal 32mm at final condition.
I had specified a Maximum case length of 32mm (1.260") with a length tolerance of +0.0/-1.016mm (+0.0/-0.040") so all the cases may be used as formed so far. The Trim to length (if ever Needed) is 31.75mm (1.250").

After Swaging, the Flash hole MUST be drilled out to clear a Decapping pin tip as it shrinks in diameter during the Swaging process. Personally I use a 5/64" drill Bit for this task in a Battery powered Portable Drill Motor.

This set of tasks took me a Couple of hours Time investment.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
10-12-2015, 04:33 PM
Completed Neck expansion of 800 Hornet cases to .250" size. Now to Get them reformed to .276 body diameter, then Trim for the various lengths.

Now have 400 of the 5.7x28mm expanded in the Neck/shoulder to .250" nominal and 600 to go.
Current projects are:
1. Lathe cutting the 'Brass Roll' off the Formed Hornet Brass.
2. Reform the 5.7x27 expanded neck cases to 6.35x32mm sizes.
3. Continue neck/shoulder expansion of the Remaining 5.7x28mm cases.
4. Continue refroming the 5.7x28mm into 6.35x32mmSR.

These are 'Keeping me out of Trouble' during the Local Hot spells, interspersed with Rain/Thunderstorms and windy times.

Best Regards,
Chev. Willaim

Chev. William
10-24-2015, 01:36 PM
I have been thinking of Possibilities based upon my "6.35x32mmSR Stewart" Wildcat case.
Trimming one to 1.135" I tried it in a chamber originally for the ".25 Stevens" and It Fit.
Now I need to trim several formed cases to 1.125" (28.575mm) or 28.6mm Nominal Case Length.
I have proposed this as A 'Wildcat' named "6.35x28.6mmSR STEWART" to "Ammoguide International" for consideration to add to their 'Cartridge Master Data Base'.

Lets hope it is Approved.

Using 'QuickLOAD" to calculate some loads (estimate of Cartridge Gross internal Volume = 12.2gr H2O). At Sonic Muzzle Speed out of a 24" barrel with a resized Lyman 257420 Bullet of 65gr, Calculated MAP is 9738psi for a velocity of 1127fps takes 1.77gr charge of Bullseye.
Pushing faster, QuickLOAD Calculates a Bullseye charge of 5.28gr in a 24" Rifle Barrel behind a jacketed 50gr bullet develops Calculated MAP of 49915psi and 2345fps MV.
These Are Both at a Cartridge overall Length of 1.400"(35.56mm).

Sounds like it will develop into a Very Frugal Varmint Killer at moderate ranges yet be loadable to get rid of Pests Quietly.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
10-27-2015, 09:48 PM
The Proposed "6.35x28.6mmSR Stewart" to "Ammoguide International" to add to their "Cartridge Master Data base. Now Starts the Wait to see if it is accepted.

Thinking, I believe I will try rough trimming the case length at the intermediate sizing step (~.288" body diameter) to hopefully avoid the tapered wall interference which seems to occur at the final size of .276" body diameter.

Intriguing process possibility.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Added 20151125: The "6.35x28.6mmSR Stewart" Cartridge has been Added to the "Ammoguide Interactive" 'Cartridge Master Data base' as there cartridge number 958. Chev. William

Chev. William
11-02-2015, 02:00 PM
I now have 90 "6.35x28.6mmSR" cases Trimmed and burrs removed. Still need to "bell" the Mouths before starting loading Process. This is out of a Random batch of "6.35x32mmSR" as I had ten that measured close to maximum length of the 32mm design that I did not Trim down.
Debating with myself to go through another 50 of the 32mm cases to find ten that measure 'short' to use as Candidates to fill out my 28.6mm Lot.

These 28.6mm Length cases still have the FNB original polymer coating on them so cannot be neck annealed. I do not currently have a practical process for removing the polymer coating after final forming so it remains in place for the time being.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

11-02-2015, 07:05 PM
Would tumbling the cases with SS pins remove the polymer coating?
I haven't received my modified sizing dies from Lee yet so I don't want to clean my 5.7 cases yet, would like to keep the coating intact until I run them thru the sizing dies.

Chev. William
11-02-2015, 10:31 PM
I could send you a few "6.35x28.6mmSR" cases and a few "6.35x32mmSR" cases to Try that Process on.
The 28.6 cases are trimmed to within 1.125" +.003/-.003" and the 32mm cases would be of the low to middle lengths but within the Tolerance zone specified for this case length (1.260"+0.0/-.040").
Chev. William

11-03-2015, 11:54 AM
Yes, go ahead and sent me a few, I'll tumble them with the SS pins and see how it works.
I don't know what the lead time is on my dies so it may be awhile before I have usable 5.7 cases to work on.
PS, I'll send the finished cases back to you.

Chev. William
11-03-2015, 03:18 PM
21 pieces out for Pickup by USPS today.
includes one piece of 6.35x28.6mmSR Dummy Round with one of your Lubed and sized 52 grain bullet seated to ~1.395" OAL for you to try in your firearms.
A first class Letter is enclosed also.
Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
11-25-2015, 01:01 PM
Great News Received Today via a Notification from "ammoguide.com" posted at 0820: The "6.35x28.6mmSR Stewart" 'Mildcat' Cartridge was added to their "Cartridge Master Data Base" as Cartridge Number 958. this is my Second Published Cartridge Description/Design.

What a Nice piece of News to receive before Thanksgiving!

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
11-25-2015, 01:26 PM
Completed Neck expansion of 800 Hornet cases to .250" size. Now to Get them reformed to .276 body diameter, then Trim for the various lengths.

Now have 400 of the 5.7x28mm expanded in the Neck/shoulder to .250" nominal and 600 to go.
Current projects are:

1. Lathe cutting the 'Brass Roll' off the Formed Hornet Brass.
(Delayed as My friend's Lathe is not available at the time, being used for other Projects.)

2. Reform the 5.7x27 expanded neck cases to 6.35x32mm sizes.
(Done, and an additional 200 Started into the Process.)

3. Continue neck/shoulder expansion of the Remaining 5.7x28mm cases.
(Added another Batch of 1000 5.7x28mm cases to my "hoard", now over 2000 Cases on hand.)

4. Continue refroming the 5.7x28mm into 6.35x32mmSR.
(Yes, it is a continuing Project and Process while waiting for two Custom Lee Dies to arrive: one a Longer Seating only die to ease guiding the Cartridge and bullet in for Seating to a Known Overall Cartridge Length; and the other a intermediate Step Forming die, in .284" diameter, to try to equalize the Forming steps and forces.)

In the Mean Time, The "6.35x28.6mmSR Stewart" Cartridge is now Listed in the Ammoguide Cartridge Master data base as their number 958 entry. The Diagram will need 'Tweaking' as it is 'too Simplified' in my opinion. the Case Base has an Extractor Clearance Groove the same as the 5.7x28mm parent and the Forming leaves a short tapered area just above the Base, shown on the diagram for the "6.35x32mmSR Stewart" case which this one is a Shortened version of. This "base taper" is a result of Forming die Geometry and is present on all formed Cases of this series.

These are 'Keeping me out of Trouble' during the Local Hot and Cold spells, interspersed with Rain/Thunderstorms and Windy times. Also Had a total of Six days over Two weeks Work Calls through my Union dispatcher to keep me Busy. The 'Take Home Pay' is Very Useful for paying my Bills and as 'Discretionary Spending funds' in my 'retirement'.

Best Regards,
Chev. Willaim

Chev. William
12-09-2015, 01:17 AM
!. My friend's lathe is still tied up on 'money making' projects.

2. Resizing progress nil due to Work Calls (Yea!) then a Freeway accident (Boo!).

3. On Hold, see Above Reason.

4. On Hold, See Above Reason.

A Separate project, converting a Used Ruger .22 Cal Single Six to multiple cartridges base upon .25ACP/6.35 Browning Barrel and bullet dimensions has been started, See the separate Thread on this.

My Stevens Model 44 Action Conversion to CF and fitting with a Stainless Steel Free floating barrel (take off .308) chambered for .32 Long Colt is making Progress at my gunsmith's. he is at the point of Cutting the New extractor to fit the Cartridge base and rim.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
12-24-2015, 11:31 AM
1. My friend's lathe is still tied up on 'money making' projects.

2. Resizing progress nil due to Work Calls (Yea!) then a Freeway accident (Boo!).

3. On Hold, see Above Reason.

4. On Hold, See Above Reason.

5. A Separate project, converting a Used Ruger .22 Cal Single Six to multiple cartridges base upon .25ACP/6.35 Browning Barrel and bullet dimensions has been started, See the separate Thread on this.

6. My Stevens Model 44 Action Conversion to CF and fitting with a Stainless Steel Free floating barrel (take off .308) chambered for .32 Long Colt is making Progress at my gunsmith's. he is at the point of Cutting the New extractor to fit the Cartridge base and rim.

Best Regards,
Chev. William
2. Now Hampered by Cold, windy, and Rainy weather that makes working on my Back patio too miserable.
3.; 4. Same problem as above.
5.; 6. My Gunsmith says he will not be getting to my "projects" until after the New Year so no "Christmas Toys" this year for me.

I did receive the Lee custom case resizing die opened to .284" to try out on resizing 5.7x28mm cases when the Back Patio becomes 'habitable' again.
I also received the Lee custom lengthened Seating Die to try on "6.35x32mmSR" cartridge loading but I fear it is too Deep to allow seating bullets in the "6.35x28.6mmSR" cartridge.
Perhaps a slight Shortening of the Die or rework to the Seating punch will allow it to do "double duty".
The New bullet seating 'punch' is designed to seat Spire Soft Point bullets without damaging or distorting the Tips. Perhaps reducing the OD of this punch slightly for a short distance will allow it to 'drop further in to the Seating Die body and allow seating bullets on the shorter Cases/Cartridges.

Something to try when my Friend's Lathe is available.

May All Have a Safe and Very Merry Christmas,
Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
01-24-2016, 06:28 PM
Long Frustrating time here. My Friend is still busy so I cannot use his lathe, and now my gunsmith says he has stopped accepting new 'projects' as he has over a Year's Backlog now. My Projects are caught up in this now, so all I can do is wait.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

01-28-2016, 10:17 AM
I now have 90 "6.35x28.6mmSR" cases Trimmed and burrs removed. Still need to "bell" the Mouths before starting loading Process. This is out of a Random batch of "6.35x32mmSR" as I had ten that measured close to maximum length of the 32mm design that I did not Trim down. Debating with myself to go through another 50 of the 32mm cases to find ten that measure 'short' to use as Candidates to fill out my 28.6mm Lot. royal1688 (http://royal1688th-online.blogspot.com/2015/11/royal1688.html)

Chev. William
01-29-2016, 12:52 AM
Very good way to do your 'sorting' to decide which ones to 'shorten ' for the 6.35x28.6mmSR use. Same way I have been 'sorting' of late. This Does Save Trimming Time as there is less Brass to be removed to bring the Cases to correct Length for the '6.35x28.6mmSR' cartridge use.

I use a Lee "universal Expander Die" when I Bell Case mouths; but don't overdo the 'Bell' as it will shorten case life if overdone.

Post Your Progress please.
Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
02-07-2016, 12:25 PM
Received an Email from Lee Precision, Inc. telling me they are currently 'out of Stock' of .25ACP Sizing dies and do not expect to produce more for about Seven Months!
Lee also Canceled my order for another "Opened" Sizing Die due to the 'out of Stock' Status.
Seems like the 'Demand' for .25ACP Carbide ring Sizing dies overran their Stock on Hand. Sound like others are Also Interested in these "MildCat" projects.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
04-04-2016, 01:13 AM
As of Sunday April 2nd I am waiting on several things to happen:
1. Lee to produce more .25ACP Carbide ring sizing dies.
2. PT&G to finish my reamer orders, probably sometime in May.
3. My gunsmith to get My Blued Barrel back and assemble my Customized Ruger Convertable Single Six in Center fire and .25ACP/.6.35x28.6mmSR/6.35x32mmSR (OAL of !.395" for Revolver).
4. My gunsmith to finish my Stevens Model 44 Center fire conversion.

In the interim, I had a "Work Call" from my Union Dispatcher for a 'Ritter fan Operator' at Paramount Studios starting 1500 March 24th. It ended Friday April 1st at 2200 for over 90 hours worked in 8 (of 9) days of variable start and end times. Tiring, but the pay will help my finances for the Year.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

04-04-2016, 09:11 AM
This help??




Chev. William
04-04-2016, 09:26 AM
This help??




Thank you for the Links, Skeettx.

The first one is similar to the Price for just The Sizer Die from Lee.
My Problem is Lee is Not Planning a Production run of .25ACP Sizer Dies, and therefore having the Tooling in place to "Open" the carbide Sizer Dies to custom diameters, for several more months.

I may go ahead and buy one or more sets now though, depending upon my "remaining Discretionary Spending funds" this month.
I do need to keep money in 'reserve' to pay my gunsmith when he completes one or more of my "projects" he is working on.

That ~$29.00 price does look Tempting.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
04-17-2016, 01:15 AM
Today I took the "plunge" and proposed a third "Mildcat" cartridge for inclusion in the "Ammoguide Cartridge Master Data Base".

This one is intended as a Larger diameter and harder hitting Center Fire Alternative for the .22WMR for use in Firearms converted to Center fire previously chambered for the .22WMR.

It WILL require barrel revisions / replacement as the Cartridge uses .250"-.251" Diameter bullets.

Case length is trimmed to 1.024", or up to 1.056", and they are Resized down to .276" diameter. Rims are specified as .050" thick and .314" diameter maximum, with the Extractor Clearance Cut similar to the 5.7x28MM Cartridge.

Overall Length is specified as 1.350" to match .22WMR overall length. This should simplify firearm conversions.

A 65 grain Round flat Nose bullet is intended but lighter and heavier Bullets are possible within the Maximum Cartridge length. Twist rate is Specified at 1 turn in 9.8 inches to match the Available "Lothar Walther" (LW) .25ACP/6.35 Browning Barrel Blank specifications.
The LW Blank is specified as being slightly over 1" diameter and about 23.6" Long so a rifle could be made from them.
LW says their blanks can be made into barrels with only about .050" trimmed from the ends compared to others barrels that need 3/4" to 1" trimmed off.

For converted Revolvers and 'blow-back' semi-auto Pistols the loaded MAP probably should be limited to around the same as the .22WMR, or about 24,000psi or slightly higher.

for "Locked Breech" actions perhaps the limit may be the 40,000psi (as of Aug 2016 the SAAMI MAP is now 49,000psi) of parent .22 hornet, or the 50,000psi of the parent 5.7x28mm Cartridges. Careful Development is Indicated.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
04-26-2016, 03:26 PM
My "6.35x26mmSR/.25MACP" submission is on hold at Ammoguide Interactive until I can show a Chamber Reamer, and Fired cases from a Specific Chambered Barrel rather than fired from longer chambers. I think that is reasonable as it is applied to all "Wildcat" or "Mildcat" cartridges submitted.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

ADDED: as of June 1st 2016 The "6.35x26mmSR/.25 Magnum Auto" is now a Published design on "Ammoguide Interactive" website. Chev. William

Chev. William
04-29-2016, 10:42 AM
I am Learning to use "QuickDESIGN" software, a cartridge and bullet Design and documentation tool that is usable with "QuickLOAD" Ballistics software.

The Link below is for a Data Sheet on my idea of a "6.35x26mmSR" or ".25MACP" cartridge so readers can review it and comment.


Please let me know of any suggestions you may have on this cartridge design and documentation.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
05-02-2016, 12:49 PM
I now have my "customized" Ruger 'Single Six' .22 Cal Revolver reworked with an offset firing pin bushing and firing pin, a new 'hand' and the first of my revised 8 shot cylinders, this oen is in ".25ACP".

http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz316/chevwilliam/My%20Ruger%2025%20Cal%20Revolver/Ruger2025Cal20CF20Conv20Mod20Cyl20Marking_original _zpsg2dggaqx.jpg


I contemplate some Enjoyable 'Range time' soon.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
06-09-2016, 03:33 PM
As of June 1st my third "Mildcat" cartridge is listed as entry number 971 in the "Ammoguide Interactive 'Cartridge Master Data Base' and a 63 grain Lead FP Load is listed for the .25ACP for use in my Ruger Revolver as it is outside the 'tuning' of the majority of Semi-Automatic .25ACP pistols.

In my Custom Ruger Single Eight Revolver it seems to shoot to the same "Point of Aim" as factory loads for a 7 yard distance to target. More recoil and muzzle noise too.
I also am working a 52 grain Lead RFN load using 3.1 grains of BE-86 Propellant in PPU .25ACP cases and an overall length of 0.900"+0.006"/-0.003", which works in my Revolver but would be too 'robust' for Blow-Back Actions.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
06-12-2016, 02:06 PM
A "QuickLOAD" potential recipe:
63 grain Lead FP "Hunters Supply" 25 CAL bullet Tumble Lubed and Sized .251".
1.8 Grains of Bullseye.
Cartridge OAL =.905"; Bullet seating depth .242"; in a PPU .25ACP case; .612" Case Length.
WSP primers.
Fired in a Ruger Single Eight with a 10-5/8" barrel (equivalent to about 12" breech face to muzzle length).
Using 25,000psi as MAP limit.
Peak Pressure = 24,405psi @ 0.18" bullet travel.
Bullet Seating depth = 0.242".
Loading Ratio of Charge = 80.3%
Muzzle Exit Velocity = 1194fps; Muzzle Exit energy = 200ft-lbs.
Muzzle exit Pressure = 1028psi; Propellant Burnt = 99.8%; Ballistic Efficiency = 45%.

Seems like an Interesting Result. Low enough velocity that Leading of barrel should not be a problem. Good energy at Muzzle so should hold it out to at least 50 yards and possibly out to 100 yards. Propellant looks like it is burnt mostly before the bullet leaves the case mouth, with some still burning in the cylinder Throat and Barrel.

This is NOT a recipe for a Semi-auto pistol with a 2" barrel!

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
07-11-2016, 01:51 PM
Still working on Putting together a Portable Chronograph that will be usable by a Cane using person on a Commercial Shooting Range.

I currently have a "Gifted" Super Chrony F1 Master Chronograph which has a 1 foot Measuring Base when unfolded and set up, a Used Super Chrony Printer to attach to the F1 Crony, and a 'Heavy Duty' Camera Tripod rated for up to 8 lb cameras.
I still need to come up with a way of transporting Them From Vehicle to shooting Position and back again in a Convenient group.

Does anyone know "QuickLOAD" software well enough to tell me where in the Manual it tells me how to increase the PRINTED Resolution of Loadlist propellant charges? I did set the resolution on "High" but the Printout still only shows charge weights rounded to the nearest 0.1 Grain weight. I need to hand annotate to get the resolution to 0.01 grain that the Program displays on my monitor.
I need this because 2% steps of a 1.8 to 3.0 grain charge does require at least 0.01 grain printout to be valid for use.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
07-18-2016, 07:50 PM
I now have Two completed Cylinders for my Ruger Single Eight in ".25ACP"!
The first one is the .25ACP chambered one.
Second and third are still in the Works.
The Forth is the Fully Chambered cylinder in ".250ALRM"/"6.35x32mmSR Stewart".
This one started life as a 'hybrid' with only one chamber Reamed to take the .250ALRM of 1.250 nominal case length if loaded to less than 1.405" OAL to function within the 1.415" cylinder Length at the Chambers. My gunsmith evened the Reaming of all Eight chambers and ended up with them all allowing a Max case length of 1.260" to allow for possible case growth on firing.

Right side of Ruger Single Eight in 25ACP with cylinder dismounted.
Left Cylinder is in .25ACP/6.35 Browning. Right Cylinder is in .250ALRM/6.35x32mmSR.

Bst Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
07-31-2016, 11:10 PM
July has Been 'Famine' followed by a Short 'Feast' with the Month ending in 6 week days of Work at 9 to 11 hours A day, in Spite of The Hot weather. The Bad part - No time to work with, or on, My 'home Projects'. The Good part - Two Paychecks will be a help with my Finances. And I have a possible third Paycheck due as I am to be working the Same Job the 1st of August.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

ADDED: The Job Lasted until August 3rd, so I Will be getting a third Paycheck. Used The First Two to pay off Outstanding Bills so I have a Small cushion until next Thursday when I can Pick up the Third Paycheck.
I Still Have a LA-DWP Utility Bill to worry about due to the High Heat running up the Water/Sewer and Electricity Charges (A small Window Air conditioner Runs if temps get Hot to keep my two dogs safe during hot Weather and I do Water to try to keep my Shrubs And Trees Alive through The Drought and Hot Weather: i have one Pine tree that Was Planted after Christmas of 1955, the Year we moved into our home). The Last two month Bill was over $1200.00! Chev. William

08-09-2016, 03:04 AM
Chev,Congratulations on your new .25 Auto mag,I admire your persistence. When you get enough finances you will have to have your gunsmith convert a 45 auto to 25 auto, sounds great for cheap target shooting. Keep up the good work. Also it sounds like you need one of the small mini lathes a 10X12 would be just right for you. I enjoy reading your posts.PaPa2

Chev. William
08-09-2016, 08:39 PM
I do Own a M1911 (WW2 Build by "Union Switch and Signal") but I don't think I will have a 'conversion' made for it. It has Sentimental Value as is. My Late Father taught me Handgun Target Shooting with it.

I also have a Very difficult to use accurately Lathe we Bought used way back in the 1960s. It was used by the Previous owner for production of Abrasive items and not kept Clean so it now has about a .006" dip in the Bed near the Head Stock that is difficult to avoid for machining small items.

I Recently Acquired a used Craftsman Commercial 12"x36" Long Bed Lathe that is slowly undergoing a major rebuild due it having been 'caught' in a Shop Fire in the Previous owner's shop ($300 purchase and it was Covered with Melted Roofing Tar embedded with grit and the top head stock cover had a portion softened and sagged down over The Back Gear / Under-drive Pully).

Depending upon how accurate the Craftsman Lathe turns out I may replace the other one in my Home Shop (set up by My late Father in our Garage).

Since I live in Southern California, I have to 'Live with' and 'deal with' the Federal, State, County, and City government's continuing assault on our 2nd Amendment Rights by "the death of a thousand cuts" continuing 'nibbling around the edges' of Legal gun Ownership while Ignoring the Illegal and Criminal uses. It appears to me that the "Anti-Gun Activists" are "in Fact" "Pro-Crime Activists" as evidenced by the Laws they Propose and get enacted.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
08-17-2016, 01:14 PM
Yesterday a friend and I spent a Day at the Shooting range with a Chronograph, here is the Report of our results:

Chronograph results of Load Testing on Tuesday August 16th 2016.
At “Angeles Shooting Ranges”.

Instrument used: ‘Shooting Chrony F1 Master’ with printer.

Test Firearm:
Ruger New Model Convertible Single Eight in 25ACP and .25ALRM Cartridge Chambering eight shot Revolver with 10-5/8” barrel (~12” Muzzle to Breech/Recoil Face.

Test Setup:
Positioned on “Handgun" Firing line in front of Permanent Target Frame about 5 yards from long Bench Type Firing line. Bench height about 38 inches.
A Stool was used for the Testing as a Seat for the ‘Shooter’.
Chronograph was Set up on a Tripod about 5 feet forward of the Firing Line. The Remote readout and printer were positioned on the Firing line bench.
The Printer and Chronograph were operated on Internal Batteries.
Altitude = ~ 1,680 feet Above Mean Sea Level, Temperature ~100 Degrees F.

Test Results:
Comparison run employing “Prvi Partisan” (PPU) Factory Loaded (Made in Serbia) .25ACP 50Grain FMJ-RN ammunition manufactured under CIP Regulations and Controls.

Technical Information
Caliber: 25 ACP
Bullet Weight: 50 Grains
Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket
Case Type: Brass

Ballistics Information:
Muzzle Velocity: 771 fps
Muzzle Energy: 66 ft. lbs.

Raw results(fps)
874.8; 771.8; 788.3; 913.1; 711.7; 725.1;778.3; 733.7;
742.3; 791.8; 706.4; 618.0; 691.1; 733.2; 745.7.
Max. = 913.1; Min. = 618.0; Average = 755.02, or ~755fps.

755/771 = 97.9% of stated Factory Performance (out of a 2” test Barrel) when fired from a Revolver with a 10-58” barrel. (-2.1%)

Hand Loads Tested:
#1. 50 grain FMJ-RN (Rem.), PPU Brass, WSP Primer, 2.7 grains of “Power Pistol” Propellant;
1118; 1220; 1170; 1278; 1190; 1273; 1130; 1189;
1201; 1302; 1244; 1195; 1136; 1213; 1188.
Max. = 1302; Min. = 1118; Average = 1203.1, or ~1203fps.
Calculated: 1302fps @ 17079psi and Actual 1203fps: -8.2%

#2. 63 grain Lead FN (Hunters supply), GFI Ni Brass, CCI SP Primer, Various Charges of “Bulleye” Propellant.
A. 1.36 +/-0.05 grains: 916.1; 876.8; 1042; error;955.5.
Max. = 1042; Min. = 876.8; Average = 947.6, or ~947fps.
Calculated: 937fps @ 14145psi and Actual 947fps; +1.1%
B. 1.39 +/-0.05 grains: 1162; 1075; 1060; 1150; 1104. (no Tape).
. : 1174 (case fail); 1056; 1030; 1129; 1288.
Max. = 1288; Min. = 1030; Average = 1122.8, or ~ 1123fps.
Calculated: 991fps @ 14808psi and Actual 1123fps: +13.3%
C. 1.43 +/-0.05 grains: error; 1164; 1179; 1149, FTF.
Max. =1179; Min. = 1149; Average =1164.0, or ~ 1164fps.
Calculated: 1009fps @ 15492psi and Actual 1164fps: +15.3%

NOTE: 1.46 grain data not taken/recorded.

D. 1.50 +/-0.05 grains: error; error; 1130; error; error.
Max. = 1130; Min. = 1130; Average = 1130, or ~ 1130fps.
Calculated: 1045fps @ 16925psi and Actual 1130fps: +8.1%
E. 1.53 +/-0.05 grains: 1062; 1070; 1028; 1066; 1043.
Max. = 1070; Min. = 1028; Average = 1953,8, or ~1054fps.
Calculated: 1063fps @ 17674psi and Actual 1054fps: -0.85%
F. 1.56 +/-0.05 grains: 1262; 1030; 1075; error; FTF.
Max. = 1262; Min. = 1030; Average = 1122.3, or ~ 1122fps.
Calculated: 1080fps @ 18445psi and Actual 1122fps: +3.9%
G. 1.60 +/-0.05 grains: error; FTF; 1354; 1138; 1210.
Max. = 1354; Min. = 1138; Average = 1234.0, or ~ 1234fps.
Calculated: 1097fps @ 19239psi and Actual 1234fps: +12.5%
H. 1.63 +/-0.05 grains: 1201; 1368; 1316; 1190; 1151.
Max. = 1368; Min. = 1151; Average = 1245.2, or ~ 1245fps.
Calculated: 1114fps @ 20058psi and Actual 1245fps: +11.8%
I. 1.67 +/-0.05 grains: 1239; 1182; 1231; 1096; 1278.
Max. = 1278; Min. = 1096; Average = 1205.2, or ~ 1205fps.
Calculated: 1131 fps @ 20696psi and Actual 1205fps: +6.5%
J. 1.70 +/-0.05 grains: 1297; 1375; 1243; 1238; 1329.
Max. = 1375; Min. = 1238; Average = 1296.4, or ~ 1296fps.
Calculated: 1147fps @ 21760psi and Actual 1296fps: +13%
K, 1.73 +/-0.05 grains: 1235; 1338: 1209; FTF; FTF.
Max. = 1338; Min. = 1209; Average = 1260.6, or ~ 1261fps.
Calculated: 1164fps @ 22849psi and Actual 1261fps: +8.3%
L. 1.77 +/-0.05 grains: 1229; 1257; 1232; 1289; 1276.
Max. = 1289; Min. = 1229; Average = 1256.6, or ~ 1257fps.
Calculated: 1180fps @ 23563psi and Actual 1257fps: +6.5%
M. 1.80+/-0.05 grains: 1266; 1268; 1214; 1241; 1242.
Max. = 1268; Min. = 1214; Average = 1246.2, or ~ 1246fps.
Calculated: 1196fps @ 24502psi and Actual 1244fps: +4.2%

NOTE: 1.84 grain Data not taken/recorded.

N. 1.87 +/-0.05 grains: 1311; 1275; 1175; 1214; Jam (not fired).
Max. = 1311; Min. = 1175; Average = 1243.7, or ~ 1244fps.
Calculated:1227 fps @ 26357psi and Actual 1244fps: +1.4%

3. 50 grain FMJ-RN (Rem.); GFI Ni Brass; CCI SP primer Propellant compare:

A. 1.50 +/-0.05 grains:”Bullseye”; 1188; FTF; error; 1179; 1278.
Max. = 1278; Min. = 1179; Average = 1215.0, or ~ 1215fps.

B. 1.50 +/-0.05 grains: “BE-86”: 1107; 1381; 996.2; 1147, error.
Max. = 1381; Min. =996.2; Average = 1157,8, or ~ 1158fps.
Conclusion: for the Same Charge Weight BE-86 Generates a lower Peak Pressure than Bullseye under the same conditions.


Recorded data Results seems to vary from Calculated Values by Bilateral amounts. It is probable the sample size used is not adequate. It is also probable that the Charge Weights vary due to the Imprecise Scale used for the Charge Weight Resolution desired.
Due to the Low Value Charge Weights, in the range of 1.3 to 2.7 grains, and the marked Resolution of the Scale used, 0.1 grain, the interpolation of charges to 0.01 grain +/-0.05 grain is less than the observed variation in measured performance.

The instrument used has a measuring base of about 1 foot and four digit readout resolution but the full Accuracy and Resolution Specifications are not known at this time.

The factory Ammunition tested for comparison measured about 2.1% lower out of this 10-5/8” barrel compared to factory Test Barrel length of 2”. This is quite low compared to similar Barrel lengths tested By “Ballistics By The Inch” using a Single Shot Handgun with a Locked Breech and sealed length Barrel (no cylinder gap). They found a 10” barrel yielded Velocities about 28% increase in measured MV.

How much The Ambient temperature, and the temperature of the Instrument, which was in direct Sunlight, affected These Results is unknown at this time.

Overall, The confidence level in these results is low due to the reasons state in the summary but they ARE the Results obtained and recorded.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
08-21-2016, 01:37 PM
Further thoughts and comments on "the first Range results with a chronograph" post of August 17th post:

A. The Comparison of "Published Technical Specifications" of factory .25ACP, which are Based upon testing Using a 2" long Barrel, and the chronograph Results of firing in a Revolver with a 10-5/8" barrel hint that the loss from the Cylinder Gap venting may result performance similarity between the Two conditions as the Percentage difference seems to be less than the Expected Variations between Factory Ammunition Lots.

B. The reported "hand load #1" (2.7 grains of Power Pistol and 50 grain FMJ bullet) seems to hint at a 7.6% drop between Calculated and Measured Performance. This is Probably due to the "QuickLOAD" software apparently not having an adjustment for loss from the Cylinder gap. Perhaps using 11" for the Barrel length instead of 12" would mostly compensate for the Gap 'error'?

C. The reported Hand load(s) #2 (Various ladder Bullseye charge weights and 63 grain Lead bullets) appear to indicate a gain in velocity for the Actual performance ranging up to about +15% in one case (nominal 1.43 grain charge) and ranging down to a low of -0.85% (nominal 1.53 grain charge). Perhaps the difference between FMJ and Lead bullets filing of the Cylinder Throat, Throat to Forcing Cone, and final Barrel dimensions is in play here.

D. The Ladder Sequence seems to indicate a charge of Bullseye of around 1.77 or 1.80 grains yields the most uniform velocities measured (ES of 60 and 54 fps respectively) with this bullet in this Case size.

E. However, there is still the Problems I have in Accurately measuring charges weights at 0.01 grain interpolations of these low charge Weights (under 2.0 grains total weight). Normal procedures to measure small weights is to use a Scale with a resolution at least four times Finer than the the weight increment desired. in this case 0.01 grain accuracy would indicate a needed Resolution of .0025 grains or Finer.

F. For the time being (last two weeks of August) I am not able to do any more testing due to the Chronograph Screens needing replacements. which need to be ordered when I again have some Discretionary Spending funds available. Perhaps I will be able to proceed in September, but that is 'Iffy" as I have Fresh Bills that will again come due in September that were not needed in July or August (example: House Earthquake and Liability Insurance renewals).

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
09-12-2016, 03:17 PM
Slowly getting ready for another Range session to use The Chronograph.
I now have replacement screens and Rods to replace those "shot" during the Last Session.

I am Loading up another Set of "Ladder Sequence" Cartridges to test.
One set is already loaded, some ".250ALRM" Cases with Lead bullets at 1.395" COAL.
Another Set is in the Works, ".25ACP" with 63 grain Lead Bullets and employing BE-86 Propellant.
I don't yet Know what else I will prepare for testing, somewhat dependent on how soon my gunsmith finishes my third Ruger Cylinder or my Stevens Model 44, Converted to CF, rifle.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
09-30-2016, 07:44 PM
Received My New "'25 Magnum Auto FIN" chamber reamer Monday shortly before the Presidential debate Started. I will check It for dimensions before I take it to my Gunsmith.

The New PTG ".25 Magnum Auto. FIN Reamer does cut a usable Chamber, i made a "dummy chamber in a Blank die body i had on hand.
The Reamer, along with a Rim counterbore Tool to fit the .22 Hornet Parent Rim diameter, my Dummy chamber, and a Replacement 8-Shot Ruger .22-MAG Cylinder for Rework went to My gunsmith and are in his line to get done.

Today I placed Orders with PT&G to get a "6.35x28.6mmSR Stewart" Replaceable Pilot Finish Chamber Reamer, Two .25 Cal. Pilot Drilled Blank Die Bodies, Two .30 Cal. Pilot Drilled Blank die bodies. and sets of Bushings for .25 Ca. and .30 Cal to use in reaming the Die Bodies.

Now I Wait. Patiently I Hope.

Best Results,
Chev. William

Chev. William
11-07-2016, 02:21 PM
Lee sent me a replacement "Opened" .25ACP Sizing die made to size to .288" Diameter so now I can resume three stage Sizing of 5.7x28mm cases down to .276" body diameter. It has Been a LONG wait for Lee to resume working on .25ACP Sizing Die Production (since last February!).
Due to Property taxes and other bills I cannot, at this time, order additional "opened" Sizing Dies for Spares.

PT&G is still working on my last Reamer order.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
01-01-2017, 08:35 PM
Happy New Year 2017!
I presently have two 8-shot Cylinders awaiting Re-cut of their chambers at my gunsmith along with a Stainless Steel (SS) 6-shot cylinder the shop is trying to get Ruger to Exchange Without Sending the Revolver in for fitting by Ruger.

The SS cylinder has a DEEP "pit" opening in the Rim rebate and getting bigger in the outside chamber wall, it shows not evidence of firing but has a Ruger "Electric Pencil" serial number on the front face, indicating it went through Ruger somehow.
The 6-shot Cylinder (the replacement) is intended to be Re-cut for .32 Long Colt Cartridges and be used with my Second Ruger Single Six Revolver which is in .32 H&R Magnum chambering. This will give me two 'convertible Ruger Revolvers, one in .25ACP parent and one in .32 H&R parent.

Lee Precision has told me via email they can make a Forming Die with a Carbide Ring to Swage .32 S&W/.32 H&R/.327 Fed. Mag. cases down to about .326" body diameter so this month I think I will order one as a 'First Stage forming Die to ease Pressure on my Existing Carbide Hollywood die.

Other Things have also been going slowly this Winter due to cold and wet times and Waiting for replacement tooling. I did finish forming on another 100 .25 caliber parent cases and 100 Parent .32 caliber parent cases.

I also now have a finished Cartridge Belt and Holster for my Ruger Long Barrel Single Eight Revolver. the belt started out as a 'Blemished Triple K Western Drop Holster Belt with .22 Caliber Cartridge Loops. It now has additional Loops; and all are suitable for my .25 Cal. Long cartridges.

No Further Progress on my Rifle Projects through the end of Last Year so patience is a Virtue being exercised here.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
07-14-2017, 07:38 AM
It is now Mid July 2017 and Very Little Progress has been made on my Projects due to Scheduling/Financial/health/and Pet Dog Problems of Late.

In beginning of June I was Able to Buy a lot of Once Fired 5.7x28mm Brass at a Gun Show in Costa Mesa,CA (~2000 cases for $70.00 turned out to be 1852 by Actual count of 5.7x28mm Plus some Extra other caliber cases).
So now my 'Back Stock' of 5.7x28mm to be Processed is about 3000 cases with about 800 mostly Processed into 'Parent' 6.25x32mm SR or Shorter ones.
An additional ~1000 of my "Back Stock' have been De-capped and Boxed awaiting my swaging Process. The Remainder still have not been De-capped yet.

Due to my gunsmith Having Lost his wife last year, and His advancing age (with its associated Problems) and his Movie work Taking him away from the Shop, I have not Seen any progress on my Projects with him.

I have Carried the !890 Winchester "Putter Project" Conversion to .25ACP about as far as I can without My gunsmith's assistance so it is waiting.

My own Mobility has shown an Aging Decrease in the Last year so it is more difficult to get to the Range with my Guns and gear to shoot, let alone Test Loads via my chronograph.

My Refurbishment Project of The Long bed Craftsman Commercial 12 inch Lathe has also hit a scheduling Problem as it is in a Friends' Special Effects Shop and he has Been Busy The Last many months on Movie and Commercial Projects and his Schedule is too crowded to allow me time to "putter" in his shop.

The friend Who Bought my Black 2006 dodge Dakota to return it to service, after it was "Totaled" in December 2015, seems to have both Done the repairs but failed to do the Title Transfer so Now I received A Mailed 'notice of violation and Liability as he was caught driving it without current Paid Registration or Title. Now we BOTH need to get to a DMV office To Get the Paperwork straightened out then to the Court to get The Ticket Resolved. At least the CHP was Kind enough to ticket him but did not Impound The Truck at that time, it is now parked on my Property again.

My own Employment has not been forthcoming so far this year as I have not received Any "Work Calls" through My Union dispatcher System. as I am 74, it may be a 'Movie Industry' reluctance to hire Older Temporary Workers problem. This Industry Seems to have a Strong Bias toward the "Youth End" of the Labor Market.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
08-17-2017, 04:11 PM
The Black 2006 Dodge Dakota is Now Finally registered in my Friends Name!
Now He has to Get time and Money together to get the Final Repairs needed To Get an Emissions Test Successfully Passed (Transmission Error Codes Cause a Emissions Test FAIL!) by California CARB Rules.

on Another pair of Notes:
First - I completed De-capping al The 5.7x28mm cases on hand (about 3000 total) and Started Swaging a Lot of about 400 Cases down to .276" body diameters.

Second - I bought a New Lee Universal Expander Die and Set About Modifing It for a Dedicated Expander die for my 5.7x28mm case reforming process.

Just Tried out my New Lee "Universal Expander" Die with the Small Cartridge Expander stem Turned To .250" diameter. Outstanding results! The Die / Stem expands the Neck/Shoulder of 5.7x28 Cases Enough so the Swaging Process Removes the Felt evidence of The Prior Neck and Shoulder Junctions. My Prior Expander was a .2500" Drill Blank machined With a tapered end and Chucked in my Bench Drill Press for Use. It left a Slight Felt difference in diameters in the Area of the Neck and Shoulder Joints in my Swaged cases.

Very Happy with this new Modified Expander and Die!

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
08-30-2017, 12:49 PM
A photo of Some of my "Wildcat" as Dummy Crtridges:
Left to Right: .25ACP/6,35 Browning @.905" OAL; .25ALR/6.35x24mmSR @1.293" OAL; .25 Magnum Auto./6.35x26mmSR @.1.566" OAL; .25ALS/6.35x28.5mmSR @ 1.407" OAL. All With .250" sized Hornady #2510 Jacketed Soft Flat Point Bullet.

Note: .25ACP Case Length = .612"; .25ALR Case Length = .960"; .25 Magnum Auto. Case Length = 1.055"; .25ALS Case Length = 1.125".

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
08-30-2017, 12:50 PM
A Pair of Modified Tools:
First, A Lee Champfering Hand Tool that is TOO TALL to use with .25ACP Cases was Shortened in a Lathe to allow holding the case and champfering the Outside edge of Mouth.

Left to Right: .25ACP Case; Stock Lee tool on a .25ACP Case; Modified Tool on a .25ACP Case.

And Second, A Lee Universal Expander Die Small Case Punch is Modified to make a .250" Diameter Case mouth Expander.

Left to Right: Stock Lee Small Case Expander insert; Modified Lee Small Case Expander Insert with Lathe turned shank of .250"/.240" diameters.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
10-04-2017, 02:46 AM
An Update on my development projects:

JGS Precision delivered my New Cylindrical Body .25ACP Finish Chamber Reamer and I have delivered it to my Gunsmith so he can cut chambers in one of my 8-shot Blued .22 Mag Replacement Cylinders.

I completed reforming the batch of 400 cases and started another batch of 400 through my Reforming process.
Of the previous 400, 150 have been trimmed to .960" case length, 100 trimmed to 1.055" case Length, and 100 trimmed to 1.125" case length with the remaining 50 left at the as formed Length for future trimming as Needed.
50 of the .960" case length have had their rim Diameter reduced to fit my 1890 Winchester CF Conversion Project magazine tubes.

The .25 Automatic Long Rifle Cartridge is now listed on Ammoguide Interactive (ammoguide.com) as Cartridge Number 1011 in their Cartridge Master Data Base with Case drawing , cartridge specifications , and descriptive write up. So far No Loads have been Posted to it, but that may change in the near future.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
10-12-2017, 12:41 AM
Bought a Lyman Hand Small primer pocket Uniformer Tool last weekend and have been experimenting with it on my reformed 5.7x28 cases with interesting results.
The tool Does Cut the Bottom of the Primer pocket Flat and square corner, actually a very Small radius corner,with multiple turns of the tool.

Next I chucked the case in a Portable drill Motor and tried power 'uniforming' wiht mixed results. Yes the Pockets came out uniform; but the tool sometimes 'grabbed' and the case turned in the chuck, partially removing the Polymer coating.
No other problems were discovered in the 16 cases I finished.
Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
11-08-2017, 03:06 AM
I received my order of Matt's Bullets Saturday and plan to open the box Wednesday.
This is a 1000 piece order of Lyman #257420 65 Grain Nominal bullets and 1000 piece order of Accurate Mold #311090A 90 grain nominal Heeled Bullets.
The Heeled ones were ordered Lubed and will have a film of Lube covering The Heel and filling The lube groove in the heel. I have found the 'film' scrapes off as the bullet is seated in my .32 Colt sized cases. I then Crimp them using a Collet Crimp die I bought from Old West Moulds.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
11-10-2017, 07:40 AM
The Nominal 65 grain Lyman#257420 Bullets "Lubed And Sized"{ to .257 weigh between 73 and 74 Grains; which is about 112% of what Lyman advertises this Mold to drop.

This is also about 150% of Nominal .25ACP bullets!

Chev. William

Chev. William
11-10-2017, 07:41 AM
Double Post! Drat!

Chev. William
12-21-2017, 04:17 PM
a short Update:
I have received two JGS Precision Custom Finish Chamber reamers, a .25ACP WS #1 and a .25ALR WS #2, and handed them along with two Aftermarket 1144 Alloy Steel 8-shot ".22MAG" Cylinders to be reamed and chambered for the two cartridges respectively.

Of The 1000 Matt's Bullets Cast Lyman 257420 Bullets received, I have sized 500 to .250" diameter for my experiments.

These roughly 74 grain bullets are about 150 percent of what commercial .25ACP bullets, and what commercial cartridges are loaded with. I am guessing these would Qualify as "heavy for Caliber" bullets in either .25ACP or my wildcat .25ALR so perhaps a revisit of the H-110/W296 propellant use question may be in the future.

I bought 200 empty Jagemann Stamping .25ACP Brass and find that the Lot i got seem to need trimming to around .603 for consistent loading use (63% are .603"-604" length as received).

I bought 500 empty PPU .25ACP cases through Graf & Sons and found the lot seems to measure .617"-.619" case length and .274" case diameter. Significantly different from my previously purchase of PPU empty cases; which measured .612" length and .278" diameter.

Frustrating when I was hoping for MORE of the .278" diameter New cases for my testing needs.

Whether here is Dry, Windy, and Cool; which is making work on reloading inmy Outside 'shop' Very Uncomfortable.
It also has raised the Problems of 'Wildfires' in the area of Southern California as noted in the News, and will drive up my Utility combined bills due to added Watering of my Shrubs and Trees to keep them Green and fire resistant.

The winds have torn the tent cover over my patio so I will be needing to change it out if it rips further soon; otherwise I will wait for warmer and calmer whether, perhaps in the spring.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
03-31-2018, 12:01 PM
Now about a "Quarter Past 2018" and perhaps time for an update on my "Progress".

1. My collection of Finish Chamber reamers now include PT&G Tapered body reamers for:
- .25ACP (SAAMI max case length = .615");
- 6.35x26mmSR (max case length = 1.056");
- 6.35x28.6mmSR (max case length = 1.125);
- 6.35x32mmSR (max case length 1.260");
- and .250ALRM (max case length 1.250") Wildcats.
They also include JGS Precision Cylindrical body Finish Chamber Reamers for:
- .25ACP WS #1 (max case length = .615");
- .25ALR WS #2 (max case length = .960");
- .25MACP WS #3 (max case length = 1.056");
- with .25ALS WS #4 (max case length = 1.125") on order.
The Next one to be ordered from JGS will be the .25ALRM WS #5 for a case length of 1.250".
Additional reamers in .32 also now owned.

2. My Gunsmith is intermittently working on the several 8-shot Aftermarket Ruger Convertible Single 'Six' Cylinders to convert them to the Cylindrical Chambers for my Various 'Wildcats' as I found the tapered chambers allowed the Fired cases to "Bulge' out to fil the taper near the Web top wall junction leaving the cases with a .280"=.283" area just forward of the Web tha tI have to resize for reloading, working my cases excessively.

3. My Rifle Conversion Projects are waiting for my gunsmith to finish some of my presently 'in the Works' projects before he will accept any more.
These waiting for submission include:
- a Marlin model 56 conversion to CF and .25ACP;
- a Winchester Model 1890 conversion to CF and .25ACP-.25ALR interchangeably;
- a 30-06 M1 Rifle for fitting with a "M1D" type Scope mounting base;
- and a 'Less than Pristine' Stevens 1915 "Favorite" action For Rework to CF with the Receiver Pivot holes Bushed out to provide better Support for the Pivot screws/pins as an Experiment.

My Idea for the Stevens 1915 receiver is to make and install 'Shoulder Bushings', with the shoulder on the inside of the receiver walls, to add support where the original leave the pivot screws/pins unsupported between inside wall and the Breech Block especially.
I am thinking either Silver Braze or Welding them in place and then finish surfacing and reaming for new pins with retainer screw similar to the design of the Model 44 action.

This, plus careful fitting of the Breech Block to solidly contact the rear shoulders in the receiver when closed in Battery and adding semicircular support tabs to the Lever to fix the Breech block in the maximum possible support is my intent.

This Modified action will be used with a full Octagon "J. Stevens Arms" marked '.25 Stevens' Long RF Barrel I have with beautiful rifling and bore.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
04-05-2018, 02:46 PM
Note / update:
i received an order of Hornady .25ACP empty cases form a Sale offering at Midway Supply and the one I measured so far is encouraging; it measured .277" body diameter and .615" case length. In the next few days i will do a full lot 'Receiving Inspection" on them to see how well they fit my needs for 'maximum dimension' Cases for my Testing.

Also, I am planning to 're-purpose' the undersize .25ACP cases I have by Swaging them down to .246"-.248" body diameter to use as Center Fire .22 Long Rifle equivalents following the pattern of "NoZombies" design for his '.22 Ladybug' cartridge design discussed on this Forum.

To that end, I have received a series of 'standard size' Hardened (Rc51) Steel Drill Bushings running from .250" ID to .277" ID, most of 1/2" OD and Length. One .250" diameter is also 1/2" OD and over 1" length to use in a seating die design.

Next, I will Order some 4150 or 4140 Alloy Steel Pilot drilled Blank Reloading Die bodies to machine into forming, seating and crimping dies for the Equivalent ".22 Ladybug" cartridge. PT&G Blanks are looking good at about $20.00 each, although they may be too Long for easy use as Forming Dies as i will need to use a Punch from the top to remove the case from the Die as it is run in to the top of the rim in the forming process.

Best Regards,
Chev. William

04-07-2018, 10:05 PM
Where did you find the Hardened Drill bushings? All I've been able to find are sized to standard Letter, Number or factional sizes. I haven't been able to find decimal sized bushing. Some of the standard sizes will work of course, but it would be nice to order the exact decimal sizes I need. I'm converting several different cases for .25, 30, 40, 45 and 50 caliber cartridges, mostly obsolescent stuff.

Chev. William
04-08-2018, 02:55 PM
I bought mine on-line from "McMaster-Carr" (my Local Address is 9630 Norwalk Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-2932 Telephone = 562-692-5911 and web address is = la.sales@mcmaster.com). They do have multiple locations though.

McMaster-Carr lists their Drill bushings in the 'hardened steel' category by Decimal size and by designations such as letter, number, fractions; but their Metric listings must be converted to "Imperial Decimal" number values by the Buyer.

The sizes i ordered are the following:
.25" ID marked U 1/4, .257" ID marked U F, .2656" ID marked U 17/64, .272" ID marked U J, .277" ID marked DB I, and .316" ID marked U O.

They do provide Custom sized Drill Bushings; but the prices are about $40-$60 range for the one I will be ordering for .246" or .247" diameter. Also, the custom order process requires ID, OD, Length and the Tolerances on each dimension to be stated.

You may find some of your needs are listed as undersize or oversize ID bushings also.
They also have unhardened 'finish yourself' bushings so you could work them to the exact size you need and then Heat treat them.

By the way, have you done any more with your .25 Stevens experiments?

Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
04-08-2018, 04:23 PM
Oops! Double Posted the above info.
Chev. William

04-09-2018, 11:10 AM
Thank you,
haven't done any work on the .25 Stevens in over a year.

I really need to finish up several projects around the homestead before I can get back to playing with the guns.

The 5.7x28 conversion was looking good. All I need to do is make a new extractor for one of the Stevens Rifle and I think I'll be good to go.

I'll check out McMaster-Carr, the Custom Sized bushings will work for oddball sizes I need and I've got an electric Kiln to do the hardening.

Will let you know how it goes when I can get back to it.

Thanks again,

Chev. William
04-13-2018, 05:41 PM
The Hardened Steel Drill Bushings I purchased are a nominal Outside Diameter of .500" and most are of nominal .500" height.

I tried making a die body to hold the one of .277" Internal diameter but my attempt ended with a 'push Fit' rather than a 'Hard Press'. or 'Shrink'. Fit and would hold the bushing to swage a case but come out with the case when I tried to extract the formed case.

I also note the Bushings have a Entry end, with a smooth radius to the mouth, and an Exit end, with a very small radius at the ID.
This Presents me with two possible uses for the Bushings:
1. With large radius on the Insertion position in my die body it swages the small oversize base to near ID equal diameter.
2. With the small radius on the Insertion position in my die body it shears the oversize base to about ID equal diameter; with the sheared material as a fine ring to be removed by later hand operation.

This illustrates to me a way to get my Formed 5.7x28mm or .22 Hornet swaged down cases to final base diameter matching my desires.

Due to my Carbide ring dies having a Radius and tapered entry to the Final zone of sizing, my formed cases have a tapered portion of the base that is about .280"-.282" Diameter at is the largest, just ahead of the Extractor Clearance Cuts.

Using this Bushing in the 'Shearing' position as a final sizing step would result in my cases being straight cylinders; rather than having short tapered bases.

Now to find a .499" diameter reamer to cut a tighter Seat for Bushings.

Chev. William

Chev. William
04-20-2018, 02:10 PM
Yesterday evening I had a chance to use my Friends' Special Effects Shop Lathe to Re-machine the first Die body and Machine a second die body blank for a longer, .250" ID Drill bushing.

The work was tested this morning and was Successful in both cases!

The .277" Drill bushing is now Solidly held for both the shearing operation and for extracting the finished case parent.

The .250" ID x 1.375" long x .500" OD drill bushing is mounted and accepts a formed .22CCM case smoothly and with easy extraction all the way to its Rim top.

The .25 Wildcat parent cases now measure .2768" OD at the sheared area. The sheared ring of waste is easily removed by finger manipulation over the Body of the case.

This seems to be an improvement in time to form a Parent case as at least one set of Turning operations are replacedby this shearing and waste removal operation.
Best Regards,
Chev. William

Chev. William
04-23-2018, 08:58 PM
My Progress Report on alternative last step in case forming experiments:
Good And bad! Yea and Drat.

The Good: NOE Finished my two Molds and I have them in my Possession; Both are four cavity Aluminum:
= First one is for the 50 grain Ranch Dog TL255-50-RF Design;
= Second one is for the 65 grain Ranch Dog TL255-65-RF Design.
Al at NOE designed the cutting tool to be able to make both size bullet molds so tooling cost was spread over the Full Group buy of TL255 Molds.

So now anyone Desiring a copy of the mold can order it without having a Tooling Charge for it; Just The Wait for production scheduling.

The Bad: The First of the two Lee "Oversize" carbide ring Sizing dies that I ordered to size to SAAMI .25ACP Maximum Case Diameter has FAILED due to the Carbide Ring Shattering after 100 cases were swaged to its diameter.
The second is sizing slightly OVER SAMMI maximum diameter for the .25ACP case.

I believe the Failure was my fault as I may have maladjusted the die and caused the failure from the rim of a parent case over stressing the carbide.

But now I need to order another "Oversize" one from Lee Precision.

The Nice: I have tried out a .277" ID Drill Bushing for a "Shearing" last step in my forming instead of a "Turning operation(s)" step.

100 Cases of 5.7x28mm FN that had been Swaged down to ~.277" body diameter with a short tapered section near the Base and not yet turned down were pushed into the Drill bushing mounted in a used die body and Successfully came out ~.277" diameter from Mouth to Extractor Clearance Cut (ECC) just above the rim.

The base for about .070" above the ECC down to the top of the ECC showed clean Brass devoid of the Polymer coating. There was a Thin, fine, ring of sheared Brass and Polymer sitting in the ECC that was removed by finger manipulation.

These were the cases final Swage formed by The die that failed on the 101st case when I began the set up for the second 100 case box of formed cases.

Now to wait for Funds (next monthly Social Security Direct Deposit) Other Home/Personal Problems intruded, so the planned ?order has been delayed a Long time. Added 20190412 Chev. William.

NOTE: These reformed 5.7x28mm Cases are parent stock for ~.278" body diameter Wildcat cartridges (.25ALRM, .25ALS, .25MACP, .25ALR).

Chev. William

Chev. William
04-12-2019, 10:30 AM
Sigh, it is now half Past April 2019 and I have still not gotten back to this wildcat project!
A relatively Cold, Wet, And Windy Winter here in Southern California was Mirrored by even worse weather for the rest of The Nation.
Since my 'Shop' is on my Northeastern exposed Patio and is not enclosed, the weather precluded any work for the winter.

Well. Spring is finally coming here and the temperatures have risen, the rainstorms abated, but the Wind is still with us here in Southern California.

Added to that, California Politics have imposed added Taxes and Fees without any Visible benefits to the Taxpaying citizens. Raises Imposed supposedly to pay for improved roads and Bridges seem to have been diverted 'for other purposes', just like previous tax funds from Bills tah talso included the Phrase "and For Other Purposes" buried deep in their text.

California Voters Are Repeatedly 'fed a Batch of 'Bull***' ' about this or that needing new, or more, Tax Revenue to improve 'it'; but never does the Money get to the up front stated Project or Need.

Chev. William