View Full Version : FS: H.M. Quackenbush's Pat June 6, 1876 (2)

05-26-2015, 08:31 AM
Just attempted a posting and the computer crashed. I'll try again. For you air gun guys, I'm selling my H.M. Quackenbush's Pat. June 6, 1876, pump barrel air rifle. I acquired it 20 - 25 years ago with the intention of refurbishing it. At the time it shot pellets & homemade darts. I oiled it up "to get to it later". I just found it again. Due to my storage efforts, no doubt, the trigger is gummed up. Main spring is strong. The 140 year patina isn't objectionable. Walnut (I think) stock looks like good wood. Curved butt plate is metal. I want to fund a new - used - scope so into the sale bin it goes. Nice historic rehab project. $60 plus shipping. Google Quackenbush's pat 1876 to see the market values and pictures. Going now to list it in the Swappin' Section. Thanks, 725