View Full Version : 375 h@h lube sizer die question

05-20-2015, 12:41 PM
for the 375 h@h what would be the appropriate lube sizer die
my barrel is dead on .375
and for my 4570 I usually go .0002 more
so 375 shooter should I go with the .377
and correct me if I am wrong ….. only lyman makes the .377 die….

thank you

05-20-2015, 01:46 PM
Buckshot, a member here, will make any size needed as will LEE.

05-20-2015, 01:47 PM

05-20-2015, 05:37 PM
I am using .376" lubesizer die in the two .375s I'm shooting and have had good results. I know the groove dia. on my Win 70 is .377" and believe the M 700 is also .377" but can't remember for sure. I'm shooting paper patched boolits mostly now, and size the patched boolits in a Lee pushthru .379" die. Once you shoot paper patched it's hard to go back to grease grooved boolits.