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Ithaca Gunner
04-19-2015, 02:50 PM
Dog-gone Larry Potterfield and his sales! He has Hatsan Model 95 Vortex piston pellet rifles on sale and I couldn't say no at just under $150.00! They're usually around $200.00. Favorable reviews, so why not! I've put more .22 pellets down range this year than I've shot all my other guns combined last year. I think there's room for another pellet rifle around here...

04-19-2015, 05:16 PM
Good choice..I'm sure that you will enjoy it! Let us know how it shoots.

Ithaca Gunner
04-19-2015, 07:26 PM
Might be a while, the .22 I ordered is on back order. .177 and .25 are currently available though.

04-20-2015, 01:09 AM
My Vortek striker .22 shot good. I too shoot more pellets these days.

Ithaca Gunner
04-29-2015, 12:52 PM
I got it! The little brown truck of happiness delivered it yesterday!

Here's the "cons" I'll say about it, shooting maybe 50 pellets through it, it's a big gun and heavy. Genuine walnut stock, though I can do without the checkering and letters, "SAS" stamped on it. The scope they send with the gun is bad, not quite as bad as some I've bought and returned, but I would say unuseable for my eyes, a "PTIMA" 3-9x32, not enough adjustment for my eyes, couldn't get the thing close enough to my eye to be clear.

Now for the good stuff! It comes out of the box with a very useable trigger, and it's adjustable, not quite as good as my RWS out of the box, but can be made so and the gun was $125.00 less than an RWS-34 so I can live with adjusting it if I decide to. I put the Centerpoint off my Crosman on it, did a little adjustment and shot a 3/4" 10 shot group at 25yds with Crosman .22 hp's from wally-world! Not bad, I think I can live with that. Power level, I didn't chrony it, but it puts a bigger, deeper dent in a steel 55gal. drum than my RWS or Crosman Nitro Venom does. Just guessing, I would say 800-850fps. So, power and accuracy are it's strong suits, I can live with the weight and I'll give the scope to my grandson for his Crosman pump B-B gun.

I would rather they didn't include a scope in the box and just lower the price. It comes with useable open sights, probably better than RWS provides on their M-34. It seems solid, powerful, and accurate. It has the same type of safety as the RWS-34, only bigger and easier to use.

At this point I would say, if you don't want to spend the money for an RWS, this is as good as it gets for under $200.00, (or on sale for just under $150.00). I didn't buy it to replace, or compete with my RWS, but rather because it's a gas piston gun and can be left cocked for pest shooting where they say a springer shouldn't be. Overall a lot of bang for the money!

04-29-2015, 05:44 PM
Nice review, Gunner.

What's the stock like, ergonomically? Cheek weld, grip?

Genuine walnut stock
If it was genuine walnut, it would be a steal at that price. The description on Pyramid Air is "Turkish walnut," which, AFAIC, means it's any random hardwood that can hopefully at least take a stain. (Not that that's bad. AFAIC, walnut is desirable mainly because it takes a deep, even stain). Can you tell if it is stained or painted? If stained, is it poly-coated or oil finished?

it's a big gun and heavy. I read another review saying the gun weighs only 6.5 lbs with the scope, which is ridiculously light for a strong springer/gas rifle. So what's the deal?

Let us know how the scope and mount hold up to the power. If ever a gun needed a picatinny, seems like a true 900 fps nitro 22 would be it.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. This review is worthless without pics. :)

Ithaca Gunner
04-29-2015, 06:27 PM
The stock is pretty good actually. Different from the RWS 34 of course, but not radically. It felt good for me. It's not painted, looks like a natural finish, I'll get some pictures later.

Weight, it's heavy. 9lbs. I would guess with scope. As I said, the scope that comes with it is poor to say the least, and the mounts aren't much better. It uses an 11mm grove with a stop like the RWS. Better scope and mounts are something to consider when buying a Hatsan.

Now, cocking effort is something I forgot to mention in my earlier post. Eat your wheaties, it's stiff and will give you a workout. Pics tomorrow.

04-29-2015, 09:34 PM
I took a .223 case and cut the neck off and used it to make a bushing for the trigger.it engaged the sear earlier and improved it a slight bit.mine shot the cheap Wal-Mart pellets well also.

Ithaca Gunner
04-29-2015, 10:04 PM
I took a .223 case and cut the neck off and used it to make a bushing for the trigger.it engaged the sear earlier and improved it a slight bit.mine shot the cheap Wal-Mart pellets well also.

It has a fully adjustable Quatro trigger. I'd say it breaks at about 3.5lbs. Not a bad trigger right out of the box. I've been thinking of adjusting my RWS a little heavier. Once in a while it breaks before I'm ready. No accidents yet, just fliers when it happens so far.

Ithaca Gunner
04-30-2015, 11:53 AM
138347Hatsan 95 Vortex gas piston .22 pellet rifle. The stock is very acceptable, but not as good as the RWS 34 as to fit, it seems to be deeper and lacks the slender more graceful round bottom of the RWS. Shown with Centerpoint 3-9X 32 scope and supplied mounts. The scope and mounts will be upgraded. Note the large steel automatic safety at the tang, very easy to use.

138348My RWS 34 for comparison. It wears an ACCUSHOT 1-8X28 etched reticle scope on good solid mounts. No worries with this one.

138349RWS 34 and Hatsan 95, RWS on the left, Hatsan on the right. The Hatsan does feel like it has a slightly longer pull. The RWS is more comfortable to shoot, but the Hatsan is built like a tank. I hope the picture shows the difference in the thickness of the cocking levers, it's just a big heavy solid rifle with plenty of power and good accuracy which I think will get better as it gets broken in. Not as smooth as the RWS out of the box, but for the price, very acceptable.

138350Here's the niftiest loading device I've run across. The "Pellet Pen". Simply remove the follower, load pellets to the line, replace follower, load directly into the breach pressing the follower and shoot. It's sort of a tube magazine for break barrel pellet rifles, caliber specific, either .177 or .22. No fumbling with pellets from the tin or pocket.

04-30-2015, 07:28 PM
Grrr. Your posts are tickling my airgun itch, and I have other matters to attend to. I'm starting to think I need to order an inexpensive springer with irons. Maybe a 177.