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03-14-2015, 05:05 PM
Howdy Folks,
I kept hoping that either Newtire would post this request, or it wouldn't be necessary, but I feel it's waited long enough - and he needs the support!
He has been in the hospital since the 17th of February. He went in for surgery on his back, and has had constant complications ever since. I won't post details, since I feel that would be up to him, but he is going back into surgery sometime this coming week.
Please say a prayer for him and his doctors, that this might be the last he needs for a full recovery.
He's a great guy, and a good friend, and doesn't deserve all that he's going through!

Thanks in advance!!!


03-14-2015, 07:20 PM
Prayers sent for a full recovery !!

03-14-2015, 08:08 PM
Get better Buddy!

03-15-2015, 03:44 PM
Prayers for a speedy recovery...Dale

03-16-2015, 06:31 AM

03-16-2015, 07:23 AM
Newtire, I know what you are going through...my wife has been where you are and I would like to say: May God hold you in the palm of His hands; may He guide the surgeons that do the surgery; may He guide the nurses that help you heal; may He take the pain from you as well as your worries and the worries of your family! AMEN

Thank you obssd1958 for bringing Newtire needs to our attention....Paul

03-16-2015, 12:33 PM
Late word is that "Newtire" is in surgery this AM...What an ordeal this has been for him...We have been praying here since the beginning..apparently a goodly part of problem has been surgical "error".but the complications are a known risk factor,and the attempts at resolution have failed to correct things so far..He's been a good friend going back to the old days at "shooters",even more so since he "escaped" to Idaho.... Onceabull

03-16-2015, 12:42 PM
Praying for a full recovery and for guidance to the physicians involved.

03-16-2015, 12:48 PM
I am sorry to hear of Newtires pain and difficulty. I had no idea.
I am lifting up prayers for him and those who are trying to help him.

James 5:16
pray for each other that ye may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

I encourage others to join with me.

Those who are close enough to Newtire to pass a massage to him for me, please give him Galatians 6:9 from goodsteel.

03-16-2015, 03:06 PM
Watching this thread with great anxiety, and heartfelt hopes for a decent outcome for our pal.

I truly hope newtire is spared a marathon of problems such as Cobbmtnmac's wife, Marlene, had to endure with her back surgeries.

No one needs such difficulties, but all we can do here on the sidelines is let the affected friends know that we are with them in soul and spirit. Maybe our support can lighten the burden; I sure hope so.

03-16-2015, 03:19 PM
All my prayers go out to him.

03-16-2015, 03:22 PM
Get better soon, from those of us still here in California.

04-04-2015, 08:40 AM
Thanks all for prayers and good thoughts. Apparently it worked as I am at home now, doing a little better each day.

My big problem was a leak of spinal fluid but they finally got it stopped. Things have been coming my way in a steady stream it seems. Getting started on PT about a 1/2 mile from my house. My knee (which needs replacing) had flared up in the hosp. is going down in size and getting around better. Going in for steroid inj there next week.

Just want to say thanks to all you great people out there! This getting old business is tough on a person!

40-82 hiker
04-04-2015, 08:53 AM
Sending prayers you are getting better, and older! Sorry to hear of all of your back trouble. So glad to hear you are back home and getting somewhat more comfortable.

04-04-2015, 09:08 AM
keep us up to date on your progress.
I know a couple of others that have had 'back work' done and their recovery was on the slow side.
but it paid off for them in the long run.

04-04-2015, 09:16 AM
Hang in there sir. We are praying.

04-07-2015, 12:03 PM
Praying for a full recovery.

04-07-2015, 12:06 PM
Prayers for continued improvement!

04-07-2015, 02:17 PM
This post is only my second. I wish to reassure those in need that prayer guides the doctor's hand and can testify to that fact. You(plural)are in my prayers.

04-07-2015, 04:20 PM
I pray that he will have a complete recovery.

Idaho Mule
04-19-2015, 10:30 PM
Newtire, I hope you are on the mend my friend. We are thinking of you here in Viola and hope to see you at NCBS here in a few weeks. JW

04-20-2015, 05:42 PM
Newtire, I hope you are on the mend my friend. We are thinking of you here in Viola and hope to see you at NCBS here in a few weeks. JW
We were just talking about Winnemucca yesterday. Sure hoping to get down that way too! I look forward to going there. It's become one of the highlights of my whole year!