View Full Version : Benjamin Genesis Np .22

10-13-2014, 08:50 PM
Looking for opinions on the Benjamin Genesis NP for an entry level air gun. I'll mostly be punching holes in paper with it and teaching my grandaughters how to shoot. (shooting from a bench) The only negative reviews I've found is about the scope but I thought I'd ask the experts.

10-14-2014, 06:17 PM
I do not have a Gennesis, in fact just went o look at specks. I would suggest looking at a co2 like the custom shop 2240s and 2250s for your state purpose. Scope will not be an issue, but would suggest you teach them to shoot open sights first. The break barrel will not shoot well from a typical rest and the cocking effort is a istraction, I LIKE springers, but if your little ones are like mine the simple co2 operation will be more FUN. easier for them to learn on also.Springer format (even if it uses a gas strut) is VERY demaning of follow thru and "hold" repeatability. Another possiability is the QB78 type rifles, loose copies of the Crossman 160 from days gone by :) Let them help you pick i out and have lots of fun !

10-21-2014, 03:46 PM
Look at Flying Dragon XS12 in .177.Easy to cock and shoots well.Plus its $90 delivered.

10-21-2014, 04:05 PM
look at the IZH61. Its a simple springer that is easy to cock and should not be hold sensitive. My step daughter is 16 but looks 12. She always wants to shoot with me but cant handle a full size springer, I have been thinking about getting her one.