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A Nimrod
09-18-2005, 02:40 AM
Not shure if I am asking this wright, my TC Hawken in 54 with a 1/48 will shoot one ragged hole with 85 gr by volume of FFF Goex and a PRB at 50 yds not shure if this load is max as far as stripping the patch or groups getting bigger because of to much pressure because I stoped when I got to this point. Now lets say the group went to hell in a hand basket at 90 gr. what advantage would I get with a 1/66 barrel more range, more velocity what? what is your favorite hunting load with a 1/66 barrel for this prb. I guess I am looking for a excuse to get a 1/66 barrel for my Hawkens :-)

TIA A Nimrod

09-18-2005, 07:31 AM
85 grains of FFFg is indeed a hot load, never shot any more than 60grains of FFFg in that caliber and it clocked at 1470fps. with a 225 gr. roundball. I usually use FFg in most anything over .50 cal.

If the gun is shooting that well with the load and ya can take the pounding I'd leave it alone, and declare it was time for a new gun, no sense messing with what works, I'm sure ya can find room for gun in another caliber or twist.

09-18-2005, 09:02 AM
............AS Kenjuudo said, that's a right smart load. The 48" twist i smuch faster then needed for a PRB, but if it works, there's no denying it. I'm not much of a PRB shooter, prefering Minie's but I'd think a 66 or 70" twist would actually be the choice for a PRB. I don't think a RB is too sensitive to twist, but a slower twist may add to velocity and maybe less fouling. Neither may be worth the expense.


09-18-2005, 11:43 AM
I'd say you have a good enough load for deer, and elk at reasonable range. If I was going to rebarrel, I would go with a 1-60. The slower the twist, the heavier charge you will need for the same velocity. I built a .62 cal. years ago, in a light mountain rifle for elk hunting. It had a 1-72 twist, and required 175 gr. 2f to shoot well. Killed at both ends. Traded it off to a pilgrim.

09-18-2005, 01:22 PM
Nimrod, T/C's 1:48 twist is a compromise since their Cherokee, Seneca, Renegade, Hawken rifles were designed for both the Maxi-Ball and [patched] round ball. However, that doesn't mean the 1:48 twist will shoot either one poorly: BBl. quality (T/C's quality control is sometimes an oxymoron); care in casting either Maxi- or round ball; patch thickness; powder granulation; powder charge; whether you swab the bbl. after every shot and agian after seating a projectile (especially Maxi's); etc. can all affect accuracy. Moreover, I agree with the others that 85gr. FFFg is a bit stout, considering Sam Fadala's max. recommended load for a T/C Renegade (Should be the same for the Hawken) is 120gr. FFg or Pyro. RS (in "The Gun Digest BP Loading Manual"). However, after reading several of Fadala's books on the subject of BP loads and BP efficiency (inefficiency is a better adjective), I doubt that an additional 5grs. caused your problem. Have you ruled out a fouled bore, blown patches or possibly even the RB's themselves (e.g., internal voids)?